Badges and Motivation: 5 Reasons Badges Motivate Your Staff!

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Gamification in eLearning badges

There are many ways that you can get your staff happy, enjoying their learning and changing their behaviour. One of these is the use of gamification in learning. By this we mean badges, achievements, awards and points. Here are 5 ways that badges light a fire under your staff and get them totally motivated and pumped up to learn!

1. Everyone loves a bit of recognition!

Receiving badges for all your hard work – be it completing online learning modules, exploring your Learning Management System or engaging in a bit of social learning – makes you take pride in your actions and results in higher levels of motivation and engagement with the subject matter. Hurrah!

2. They encourage healthy competition!

The more badges you get, the higher you climb up the leaderboard. Being able to directly compare your progress to your fellow learners, whether they are your colleagues or other learners going through the course, really ignites a competitive spirit. This spurs you on to greater and greater heights!

3. They keep you going!

Sometimes everything can seem like too hard a slog. You know those days when you just feel like giving up? Well, cleverly timed badges and achievements help to keep learners on the straight and narrow! Just when they think, ‘That’s enough. I don’t feel like doing any more learning right now,’ BOOM! They get a badge, e.g. the ‘Long Haul’ badge for being logged on to their Learning Management System for 90 minutes. What do you reckon their reaction is? Well, it won’t be to log off straight away, that’s for sure!

Gamification badges online learning fun

4. They stretch you!

Oh my word… You have nearly gained all the badges available to you. There’s no way you’re going to stop now, not when you’re so close to a full house!

5.  They contribute to your overall progress!

Points make prizes and, well, so do badges! You need to be well-rounded to succeed in the eLearning game, so getting badges is just as important as totting up all the points for answering quiz questions correctly and completing full eLearning units.

Basically, badges are bloomin’ beautiful!

To find out how about how gamification in learning can help boost engagement, click here!


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