Gamification Report: Now And in The Future

We spoke to seven awesome gamification experts to understand where the industry is currently at and what the future holds. They shared a treasure trove of useful insights and It’s time to spill their secrets!

You’ll learn:

  • Recent changes and challenges the gamification industry has undergone
  • How immersive technology is changing the gamification landscape
  • How gamification will be applied to a wider variety of real-world activities

To Guide your Decisions about your Gamification Strategy!

In recent years, the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic has opened many eyes to the true possibilities of gamification. As a result, the industry is guaranteed to grow.

But what exactly does the future hold for gamification? Our incredible experts, Karl Kapp, Toby Beresford, Monica Cornetti, Dr. Zac Fitz-Walker, Javier Velásquez, Dr. Kat Schrier and Juliette Denny, will arm you with all the knowledge and insights you need to evaluate the industry.

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What Changes and challenges has the industry faced?

COVID-19 led to an improved understanding of gamification, expediting its development.

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What Innovation is currently trending in the industry

AI and immersive technology are taking gamification to the next level. It's time to move beyond traditional game mechanics.

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How will gamification be applied to real-world activities?

More immersive gamification approaches have encouraged gamification to grow in new industries to solve new challenges.

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