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Your Shortcut to Supercharged Learning Content

The Bugatti Veyron. Usain Bolt fuelled by 100 McNuggets. Growth Engineering Authoring Tool. What do these things have in common? They are all lightning fast! ⚡

As the speed of digital transformation ramps up, you need a training tool that helps you to set the pace. A tool that also happens to be remarkably easy to use. But don’t take our word for it…

Simple, Yet Powerful!

Growth Engineering Authoring Tool produces high-impact gamified and game-based training content 10x faster than its competitors. Our multi-award-winning tool puts power back in the hands of subject matter experts, instructors, teachers and anyone with a burning message they need to tell the world!

You don’t need to be…
a black belt level instructional designer to create impactful learning interventions 🙅
a tech-whizz to create fully optimised and responsive eLearning 🙅
a modern-day Picasso to create training content that looks great 🙅

Minimum Effort.
Maximum Impact.

Creating high-impact learning content can take hours upon hours. 180 per one hour of content, to be precise.

Luckily for you, Growth Engineering Authoring Tool is different. It’s better. It can help you to bring your training content to life in a matter of minutes.

How much is your time worth?

Calculate How Much Time You’ll Save with Growth Engineering Authoring Tool:

How long it currently takes you to create an eLearning unit (hours):

How long it will take you with Growth Engineering Authoring Tool: 18 Hours

Growth Engineering Authoring Tool
Key Features

Content Builder:

Use templates to quickly and easily create online learning content that supercharges retention levels and improves performance.

Asset Management:

Manage your media and forge consistency across your training content using our comprehensive asset management system.

Mobile Ready:

Growth Engineering Authoring Tool content looks great and performs well on all devices, creating more accessibility and flexibility for your learners.

Game Templates:

Use learning game templates like Bubble Blaster or Mountain Master, or even your own custom game design to create fun and engaging training experiences.

Game Mechanics:

Fuel growth and take your learning content to the next level by gamifying the experience with XP, Badges, Leaderboards, Timers and Contest Squads.

Discovery Method:

Utilise learners’ previous experiences to fuel new knowledge through personalised widgets, data inputs and downloadable workbooks.

Team Management:

Apply a variety of permission settings to manage your team of builders and grant them access to all the tools they need to create awesome content.

Fully Compliant:

Export your content in a variety of compatibility formats — including SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, xAPI and cmi5. Your LMS will thank you for it!

Learner Assessment:

Create simple quizzes or full-scale player-vs-player and team-vs-team knowledge ‘Contests’ designed to reinforce your content.

Easy Translation:

Empower your global learner base. Duplicate, edit and translate your online courses in just a few clicks. It’s like magic!


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Peek at our trophy cabinet to see the rest of our silverware!

Training Content
That Solves Real Problems

Growth Engineering Authoring Tool is your route to success. With it, you can capture, create and share more high-quality content than ever before. Whatever your learning challenge, you can tackle it with Growth Engineering Authoring Tool!


Support your new starters the right way, with high-impact microunits designed to engage and inform. Let’s get this show on the road!

Employee Training

In order to excel, your employees need to be fed a constant supply of high-quality training content. Now you’re ready to fill this void.

Academic Learning

Delight students of all ages with focused microunits, game-based learning, gamified interventions and more. Awesomeness awaits!

Sales Enablement

Build effective sales training content and then facilitate competition through learning games, quiz contests and leaderboards.

Customer Training

Create and share effective content that fuels long-lasting relationships. Are you ready to build an army of loyal customer advocates?

Compliance Learning

Mandatory training doesn’t have to be boring. Gamify your compliance training to increase uptake and drive better learning outcomes.

Generating Revenue at
L'Oréal Travel Retail

L’Oréal Travel Retail used Growth Engineering Authoring Tool to create an upselling campaign for their retail staff. They sold over 100,000 units of unwanted stock in a month and generated $174m HKD in sales.

Growth Engineering's
Learning Ecosystem

Growth Engineering Authoring Tool is part of the Impact Suite. The Impact Suite combines three multi-award-winning software solutions to create the ultimate end-to-end learning solution.

Growth Engineering Learning App

The ultimate mobile knowledge reinforcement app.

Growth Engineering LMS

The world’s most engaging learning management system.

Growth Engineering Authoring Tool

Gamified and game-based content creation made easy.

Growth Engineering Authoring Tool

Growth Engineering Authoring Tool is the perfect solution for organisations seeking to create effective training content. But this tool is not limited to producing employee training! 

Growth Engineering Authoring Tool is also used by educational institutions, government agencies, professional bodies and more to produce high value microlearning content.

It’s extremely easy to use. As such, you will be able to create your own content in just minutes, regardless of your profession or tech skill set. In fact, Growth Engineering Authoring Tool is built to help resolve even the toughest learning challenges with minimal effort. 

Whether you’re launching your first online training programme, rolling out a best-in-class onboarding programme, boosting sales or product knowledge, our content tool helps you to create engaging and impactful training content that makes a real difference.

Typically, learning ecosystems are made up of a learning management system (LMS), other supporting software like mobile apps, learning record stores, analytic tools and so on. That’s where Growth Engineering Authoring Tool fits in. It’s a content tool that is used to create effective training material. 

Growth Engineering Authoring Tool offers easy-to-use content and game templates. From Bubble Blaster and Mountain Master to more formal microlearning units, the possibilities are unlimited. As such, whatever your content needs, we can help!

On top of providing a multi-award-winning authoring tool, we can also help you to complete your full learning technology ecosystem. Our mobile app and learning management system are industry-leading solutions that help you to take your training and learner engagement to the next level. 

Alternatively, you can integrate Growth Engineering Authoring Tool with other solutions in your software stack.

Growth Engineering Authoring Tool empowers you to create and share microunits with your knowledge-hungry learners. These epic bite-sized content bursts are designed to support your learners’ pursuit of knowledge and supercharge retention levels. Ultimately, this leads to improved performance.

Microlearning units are very easy to create and just as easy to consume. They can typically be completed in just 10 minutes. This also makes them easier to produce, which helps you to provide learning experiences at the speed of need.

You also need to be able to assess learner performance. To do so, you can build quizzes within your microlearning units. This allows you to test your learners’ knowledge and reinforce important information. We offer a wide range of question types. Whether you’re looking to create a simple multiple-choice quiz, or something more complex, we have you covered.

But that’s not all! Thanks to Growth Engineering Authoring Tool, making learning fun has never been easier. In addition to our exciting learning games, you can now include traditional gamification elements within your training units. 

You can use Experience Points to show learners their progress, offer customisable Badges as virtual rewards and apply Leaderboards to create competition among your audience. You can even use Timers to create a sense of urgency and purpose in your training.

Of course! The look and feel of your training content has a huge impact on learner engagement. And that’s why Growth Engineering Authoring Tool arms you with all the customisation options you will ever need! 

You can customise your imagery, colours, fonts, logos and more to create content that fits your brand and specifications. You can then drive for consistency across all your training content by using our template system. 

Not sure where to start? Don’t fret! You are welcome to work with our design team to create your very own custom templates or learning games. Please get in touch to find out more.

Growth Engineering Authoring Tool utilises an intuitive content builder and comprehensive asset management tools. These tools make it easy to create and deliver high-quality, super engaging training content in just a few minutes.

You can start your learning revolution with five simple steps:

  1. Upload all your assets. These include questions, videos, images, audio and so on.
  2. Populate your content slides.
  3. Add game mechanics such as Badges, XP, Leaderboards and Timers.
  4. Select a game template, create custom learning games or use a standard training template.
  5. And finally, publish your training content to the Growth Engineering Learning App, Growth Engineering LMS or export as a SCORM 1.2, 2004, xAPI or cmi5 compliant file and upload it to your learning platform of choice.

It’s easy! Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be granted full and unfettered access to the Growth Engineering Authoring Tool. You’ll have 21-days to explore, create some awesome content and assess whether you’d like to purchase an annual licence.

The free trial has one limitation. You are not able to export content. If you’d like to trial Growth Engineering Authoring Tool content on your learning system, please click here.

Yes. In most cases, content created within Growth Engineering Authoring Tool will be compatible with your learning management system. 

After all, you can export Growth Engineering Authoring Tool content in a variety of different formats. This includes SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, xAPI and cmi5. Please check with your learning system provider to ensure compatibility. 

Alternatively, please click here to download your own test package.

Growth Engineering Authoring Tool is designed to be easy to use. You don’t need any technical knowledge to start creating high-impact training interventions. However, if you’re struggling to get started, we recommend checking out the onboarding units included within the portal or our in-depth series of tutorial videos

If extra help is needed, we recommend purchasing our Growth Engineering Authoring Tool Business Package. This includes a 30 minute best practice training session.

You sure can. Click here to get your game on!

Still got questions? Please get in touch.

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Growth Engineering Authoring Tool

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Growth Engineering Authoring Tool empowers you to level up your learning content.

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