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Impact Suite

The Impact Suite Power-ups come locked and loaded with everything you need to delight your learners and deliver business success.

But the fun doesn’t have to stop there. You can also tap into Growth Engineering’s boundless engagement expertise. Simply select one of our Power-up service packages and unleash true impact.

We are your unfair advantage! 💡

Empower Your Learners:

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Getting more from your learning system doesn’t have to be a painful experience. Our Power-ups provide a friction-free pathway to happier learners and better results.

Ready? Send dull online learning packing by unlocking one or more of our epic Power-ups.


Mentor gathering

#1 Mighty Masterclasses

Growth Engineering are the world’s foremost learner engagement experts. And thanks to our new digital workshop series, this expertise can be yours.

Select from our Gamification, Social or Content Masterclasses to build your action plan and let inspiration run rampant across your platform.

#2 Community Catalyst

Effective social learning enables knowledge sharing and deep learner engagement. But building an authentic community is no easy task. Until now. 

You’ll be assigned your own ‘Community Champion’ who will help you to clarify your goals, build a game-plan, create a schedule and monitor progress.

#3 Admin Allies

Want to create a thriving learning environment but lack the time, resources or expertise to pull it off? Overcome these obstacles with our managed services Power-up.

We can help with user management, content management, reporting, support or even ‘all-in’ full-scale administration of your platform.

#4 Design Dynamos

The Impact Suite offers a treasure trove of customisation options that help you to stamp your brand, mission, vision and values across your learning ecosystem. 

Don’t have easy access to graphic design resource? Don’t fret. Select one of our design packages, and we’ll cook up eLearning eye candy in line with your specifications.

#5 Video Virtuosos

A picture may paint a thousand words, but videos tell a complete (and compelling) story. Utilise our video production services to take control of your narrative. 

Drive anticipation through a teaser campaign, launch your platform with a welcome video, or share simple user video guides — all built with your specifications in mind.

#6 Treewards

Treewards transforms the Impact Suite into a stronghold of sustainability knowledge. Use your collective brainpower to reduce your carbon footprint!

This includes access to a high impact curriculum of sustainability training content, an epic quiz-Contest and integration with our climate solutions partner, Ecologi.

#7 Content Creation

Without high impact training content, behaviour change will only ever be a fleeting dream. Luckily, we’re content connoisseurs who like to make dreams come true.

We use the award-winning Growth Engineering Authoring Tool and our instructional design nous to craft content that delights, informs and smashes training goals.

#8 Content Curation

Do you need a library of awesome content and the deadline is like, yesterday? There’s an overwhelming number of options out there for you to consider. 

We’ll help you cut through the noise by selecting the best content from our approved partners. Then we’ll upload it to your platform for your learners to devour.

#9 Tech Titans

Our technology is constantly evolving. If you’d like to help shape our solution, you can now use our technical development services. 

We’ve made things as simple as possible. You’ll be assigned a project manager to guide you through our clear (and well-documented) process. Let’s make some magic!

#10 Integration Station

The Impact Suite is an integration sensation. Effortlessly connect your learning ecosystem to the rest of your software stack to automate a variety of different tasks.

Ultimately, these integrations save you time and help you drive better value from your learning platforms.

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