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120+ Awards and Accolades Since 2013

We don’t do what we do for the recognition and awards, but we’re still so proud of our achievements that we want to share everything with you! We love to see our clients earning recognition for their hard work (especially when we’ve helped to make it happen!).
Learning Technologies Awards: Best Use of Social And Collaborative Learning Technologies: Gold
Learning Impact Award - 2022 Gold Winner
Learning Impact Award - 2022 Gold Winner
Talented Learning - Top 20 Specialist Learning System, 2022
Learning Technologies Awards: Best Learning Technologies Project - Commercial Sector (UK): Gold
Best Use of Mobile Learning
Best Use of Mobile Learning
Top eLearning Gamification Companies 2021
Top eLearning Gamification Companies 2021
Training Industry - Top 20 Advanced Learning Technologies Companies, 2023
Talented Learning - Top 10 Watchlist Learning System, 2023
Best Advance in Creating a Learning Strategy


When Our Clients Win We Win!

Our clients aren’t just winning awards. 🏆
They’re using the most engaging learning technology in the world to inspire their learners to change behaviour. Through the power of engagement, they’re able to drive the organisation towards key business goals. Want to find out how our solutions could help you achieve awesome results?
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