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The World's Most Engaging Learning Management System

Growth Engineering LMS is the world’s most engaging learning management system — by a long shot.

We use a brain science backed approach to change behaviour, improve learning outcomes and smash training goals.

It’s tailor-made to create genuine business impact. 💥

It's Not Magic... It's Science

Here at Growth Engineering, we like to do things a little differently. We focus on the end-user experience to help ensure the best possible learning outcomes.

We use a brain science backed approach. Our Learning Management System is powered by gamification, social learning and epic meaning to engage your employees, customers, partners and students. 🧪

A fortune 500 tech company used Growth Engineering LMS to raise sales performance by 75% year-on-year.
We’ve embarked on a project to improve 3 billion lives with the World Health Organization by 2030.
Hendrick Automotive Group created 8.4x more engagement through Growth Engineering LMS (vs their previous solution).
L’Oréal Travel Retail found that territories using our technology outperform those who don’t by 20% (in terms of sales growth).
iMarketsLive added $253m+ in revenue via sales of their instance of our mobile app solution.
GAME Digital’s sales training programme led to a 94.3% increase in average basket size.
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Growth Engineering LMS
Key Features

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Deep Customisation:

Growth Engineering LMS is your LMS. Every element of the platform can be tailored in line with your design specifications.

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Want learner engagement? We’ve got the cheat codes. Use XP, Levels, Badges, Leaderboards and more to spur your learners on.

Social Learning:

Build a knowledge-sharing community and safeguard your intellectual capital with Clubs, Experts, Chat, Live Streams and more.

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Content Library:

Share and manage your content using customisable visibility and permission settings, categories, curricula and levels.


Track learner progress, identify skill gaps and automate learning interventions using our intelligent assessment tool.

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Admin Tools:

Take full control over your learners, content and permission settings and share responsibility through our intuitive admin panel.

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Reporting Suite:

Gather the data you desire from our comprehensive Reporting Suite. Filter, sort, export and schedule reports with ease.


Empower your extended enterprise with a multi-channel learning solution, content controls, permission settings and more.

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Mobile Learning Support:

Set your learning free! Growth Engineering LMS is optimised for all devices, including desktops, tablets and mobiles.


Create a store, manage your catalogue and sell courses through Growth Engineering LMS. Some content is just too good to give away!

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Growth Engineering LMS is an integration sensation. Our API and webhooks enable easy connections to other software solutions.

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Classroom Management:

Get the most out of your virtual and in-person instructor-led training with our extensive classroom management tools.

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Real Impact
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Real Problems

Growth Engineering Learning Management System is designed to engage employees, customers, partners and students alike. Whatever learning challenge you’re facing, we can help!


Get your team off to the best possible start with custom learning pathways, dedicated social feeds, expert support, notifications and more.

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Employee Training

Deliver best-in-class learning experiences, track results and measure progress — all within an incentivised training environment.

Sales Enablement

Empower and embolden your sales team with dynamic content and assessments and fuel competition through XP and Leaderboards.

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Product Training

Create a real buzz with high impact microunits, user-generated content, community features, knowledge contests and more.

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Partner Training

Power up your partners and support your extended enterprise with user groups, hierarchies and sub-branding opportunities.

Customer Training

Build, share and sell your awesome content and use our engagement features to create a loyal army of customer advocates.

Improving Digital Skills at EE & BT

British mobile network operator EE implemented Growth Engineering’s Learning Management System in 2016. They sought to improve their frontline employees’ digital skillset. The programme was so successful that it was expanded out to 35,000 learners across BT.

Welcome to
The Family

Growth Engineering LMS is part of the Impact Suite. The Impact Suite combines three multi-award-winning software solutions to create the ultimate end-to-end learning solution.

Growth Engineering Learning App

The ultimate mobile knowledge reinforcement app.

Growth Engineering LMS

The world’s most engaging learning management system.

Growth Engineering Authoring Tool

Gamified and game-based content creation made easy.

Growth Engineering LMS FAQs

In a nutshell, a learning management system (LMS) is a web-based platform used to deliver learning and training experiences. The purpose of any LMS is to empower learning and development (L&D) initiatives. 

But that’s simply the definition! There are many quirks and unique features that make learning management systems effective training solutions. If you would like to learn more about what an LMS is, please explore our article on the topic.

Growth Engineering LMS is a high-impact training solution. It can solve even the toughest of training challenges! While Growth Engineering LMS is typically used to deliver employee training, we have experience working with clients of all shapes and sizes. In fact, no industry is off-limits!

Growth Engineering LMS is used by organisations, educational institutions, government bodies, professional agencies and more. From small organisations to Fortune 500 businesses and schools to top-class universities, Growth Engineering LMS caters to a vast variety of training needs.

LMSs have come a long way. Today’s modern solutions come loaded with benefits that help you to deliver effective training that results in meaningful business impact.

You can now build customised learning environments and develop online learning content with ease. Similarly, an LMS makes it straightforward to track and assess learner progress. Robust reporting options help you to analyse user behaviour in just a few clicks while tracking how you are bridging any skills gaps prevailing in your organisation.

But above all, learning management systems come loaded with exciting and innovative features that make training fun yet effective. Gone are the days of unengaging and boring learning!

What isn’t special about our learning platform? While our solution has all the elements you would expect from an LMS, it also offers so much more!

Unlike your typical solutions, Growth Engineering LMS was designed based on pioneering research into brain science. As such, we know how cutting-edge neuroscience and educational psychology can help to drive real behaviour change.

Our LMS engages learners with their personal and professional development by using approaches like gamification, social learning and personalisation. We focus on incentivising the right activities, inspiring curiosity and creating learning communities.

And with the right tools in their hands, your learners are empowered to use their knowledge to supercharge your organisation.

Growth Engineering LMS is an integration sensation. Our API and webhooks allow you to integrate with other solutions in no time! From connecting to your HR suite or facilitating an SSO, our integration possibilities help to make your life even easier.

For example, a Single Sign-On saves time by removing the obstacles that stand between your learners and their training. Similarly, you can connect with your HR system and automate user provisioning. That way your LMS will always be up-to-date with your current employees.

But no integration is off-limits! To ensure you can achieve all your training goals, we offer custom integrations. As such, Growth Engineering LMS gets along swimmingly with all your applications — not just a select few.

Please note: All integrations require a Statement of Work and may generate additional costs.

It is! We can configure Growth Engineering LMS to support a multi-tenant learning solution. As such, our LMS allows you to train and manage the learning goals of your different audiences, all within one system. This includes multiple login areas, customised domain names, varied branding and user segmentation.

In fact, our extended enterprise solution grants you the power to scale and customise the solution to your specific needs. The multi-tiered customisation options ensure that each of your user groups feels at home on the platform.

On top of easy-to-use administration features, robust reporting and easy data analysis, we use gamification to keep your extended enterprise engaged! After all, keeping your external audiences engaged can be more challenging than managing your internal employees. However, it is just as important.

Growth Engineering LMS is a cloud-based learning platform. This means that it is hosted on the internet and accessed through a web portal. Learners are not required to install any software on their computers in order to access their training.

Our robust Reporting Suite helps you to track the success of your training programme! The main Reports Dashboard gives you an at-a-glance look at your user behaviour. Here you can explore graphics and charts relating to activities such as logins and content completion.

Our built-in tools were designed to deliver the most useful learner and content data. And to make it even easier to track individual performance, you can run reports on assessments or tests and receive question-level data. This is the ultimate way to highlight any prevailing knowledge gaps!

But that’s not all! You can also include custom fields that give you the flexibility and freedom to craft a purpose-built reporting solution. Similarly, our vast filtering options ensure you can narrow down the information with ease.

Finally, reports can be exported, so you can play with the data in other systems, or scheduled so that they are sent to key stakeholders on set dates.

Of course! You can build your LMS to reflect your company’s identity and branding. You can change anything from the colours, banners and dashboard to titles, labels and custom terminology.

Our LMS is also available in numerous languages! Whether your learners speak English, Dutch, Russian or something else, Growth Engineering LMS helps you to provide them with meaningful training experiences. You can also edit any language or add translations of your own.

Similarly, you can choose the features you want to include in your training programme. If any Growth Engineering LMS feature doesn’t fit your training plan, we can switch it off. It’s really just that simple!

Yes. Just like the feel and look of your platform, a domain name is another great way to give your platform its own identity. You will be able to define a custom domain name for your LMS during the setup process.

Launching a new learning solution typically takes between 6-8 weeks, although it can range from 4-10 weeks. After all, each implementation process is different and is based on our customers’ needs, availability, deadlines and resources. We will work with the client team to create a Project Plan that meets your expectations and fits your schedule.

We take data security extremely seriously. Our data is hosted in the cloud, with third-party hosts such as AWS and Alibaba. In addition, all client data is logically separated. We employ SSL / TLS / SFTP for all transfers of client data.

We also hold ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications.

Please explore our information security policy and GDPR documentation or contact us today if you have any additional security-related questions.

We support a wide variety of business needs with a selection of plans and personalised training solutions that meaningfully impact your business goals. 

Our tiered pay-per-learner pricing plans scale with your business size or training requirements. In a nutshell, the more learners you add, the less money you pay per learner. 

We also offer some exciting optional extras that you can purchase at an additional cost. All our pricing is transparent, with no hidden extras, or bogus support costs. What you see is what you get!

However, we understand that your training needs may evolve over the years. As such, you can scale your platform accordingly. Growth Engineering LMS offers an engaging and unique learning platform at a great value.

If you would like to know more about the costs related to our LMS or any of our solutions, please get in touch.

Each client’s needs are different and may require unique approaches. The size of your user base is likely to affect the necessary admin hours. As for the day-to-day running of your LMS, we recommend that your administrators set aside the following amount of time per week:

  • 10 – 12 hours for under 1,000 users
  • 12 – 14 hours for 1,000 – 4,999 users
  • 14 – 16 hours for 5,000 – 9,999 users
  • 16+ hours for 10,000+ users


More time may need to be set aside during intensive periods. These include, for example, the launch of your platform or the roll-out of a new training initiative. 

But don’t fret! Your Customer Success Manager will help you to understand the administrative requirements within the kickoff stage of your project implementation. Together, you can create a platform with just the right amount of complexity to fit in your schedule! And, of course, our team is always there to help you along the way.

Yes. You can activate the eCommerce feature in your LMS at an additional cost. This allows you to charge for content, including online learning units, videos or classroom events. 

Running your eCommerce add-on is easy! Whilst creating or uploading content to your platform, your Admins can select whether the content should be free or paid for. They can then set the currency and fee. 

When your learners log into their LMS, they’ll be greeted with different content options, ranging from free online learning units to content they can purchase. Now the choice is theirs!

To make things even easier, you can also create stand-alone catalogue pages to showcase your offerings. This means that your customers can access your marketplace without logging into the LMS. 

If you would like to know more about our eCommerce functionality, please contact us.

Of course! Assessing your learners’ performance is easy with the build-in assessment tools Growth Engineering LMS provides. Aside from pushing content to your learners, you can use tools like Assessments, Tests, Reviews and Surveys.

The Assessment and Test tools let you use a range of question types. This makes it straightforward to identify and address any skill gaps. You can also control the number of attempts, the time commitment and any deadlines.

Managing your content is easy! You can arrange both your learners and content in flexible groups. You can then change your content visibility to meet the needs of each group.

Similarly, grouping your content together is very straightforward on Growth Engineering LMS! You can assign attributes to your content to keep it organised or create categories that help you to manage group visibility. This allows you to design an effective structure for your content Library.

Your Admins can also push content to individuals based on their assessment scores or training needs. And learners themselves can pull any open-access content they require from the Library. Simple, eh?

Still got questions? Please get in touch.

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Growth Engineering LMS is the world’s most engaging learning management system — by a long shot.

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