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About Us

The Learner Engagement Learning Impact Experts

Growth Engineering create research-backed and engagement-focused learning technology solutions. The result: online learning that generates real business impact.

We’ve won 110+ industry awards and have helped companies like L’Oréal, HP, BT, and Samsung to get a better return on their training investment. Could you be next? 💚


Our Engagement Formula


Infuse learning with fun and ignite learner motivation through engaging game mechanics.

Social Learning

Learning doesn’t have to be solitary. Our solutions are packed with vibrant social features!

Epic Meaning

Spark learner curiosity and foster purpose through profound customization options.

Make An Impact

Introducing the Impact Suite, an amalgamation of three multi-award-winning learning tech solutions, forming the ultimate end-to-end learning ecosystem. Get ready for a transformative impact!

What we strive for

Be Kind

Be Bold

Be Responsible

Growth Engineering Team Mug Illustration

The Mission

Online learning possesses nearly boundless potential to create positive change in the world. It dismantles barriers, forges new opportunities, and fosters unity.

Yet, this potential has been hindered by lackluster and ineffective learning technologies. This is why we’re committed to battling uninspiring online learning head-on!

About Us

Where we Started


We spring to life. Hello!


Growth Engineering LMS launches


Gamification added to platform (engagement follows!)


We’re named ‘Learning Provider of the Year'


We earn two ISO accreditations. Neat!


We roll-up our solutions creating the Impact Suite


Growth Engineering are B Corp Certified. Hurrah!

Changing for the Better

Our Commitments


At Growth Engineering, we take pride in being a climate-positive workforce. We’ve successfully offset our entire carbon footprint, contributing to climate crisis solutions worldwide. Our efforts have also led to the planting of thousands of trees. Explore our virtual forest here!

B Corp Certified

Growth Engineering proudly holds B Corp Certification, aligning with a community that believes businesses should drive positive change. Discover more about our B Corp status here!

Tech Zero

We’ve joined Tech Zero, a collective of pioneering UK tech firms united to combat the climate crisis. Within this alliance, we’ve pledged to achieve net zero emissions by 2030.

Leading the battle against dull online learning

Our Leadership Team

Juliette Profile Picture

Juliette Denny

Ideologist in Chief

Juliette is Growth Engineering’s founder and Ideologist in Chief. She’s a learner engagement expert, social learning savant and gamification guru!
Gary Profile Picture

Gary Gardner

Head of Finance

Gary joined in September 2019. He is an experienced General / Financial Director with significant commercial and management expertise.

Sam Ellis

Head of Engineering

Sam has been with the team since 2016. As Head of Engineering, he brings an insatiable passion for building learning technology solutions that learners love.
Harry Profile Picture

Harry Cloke

Head of Marketing

Harry is a marketing expert with 10+ years of experience. He has helped to build the company brand, fuel growth and win 110+ awards and accolades.

Bronwyn Bunt-Brown

Head of Operations

Bronwyn joined Growth Engineering in 2021. As Head of Operations, she designs policies and processes that help us to operate like a finely oiled machine.

Matthew Tompkins

Head of Product

Matt joined the Growth Engineering family in 2016. As Head of Product, he drives our product roadmap and sets the vision for our innovative learning technology suite.

Let's Get Engaged!

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  • Rapid Implementation Plans: Start making a real impact in weeks, not months.
  • Build a Business Case: Achieving stakeholder buy-in is tough, but we can help.
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