Battles: Knowledge Arcade Feature Focus

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Taking quizzes and assessments is all very well… but where’s the fire? Where’s the thrill of victory? Where’s the smell of napalm? Online learning is great, but it doesn’t exactly get the blood pumping.

Well that’s something that’s about to change – sharpen your swords, light the signal fires, sound the air raid siren, because Battles are here to turn your LMS into an Arena of Achievement!

What Are Battles?

This new type of learning asset sits alongside the other content on your Academy LMS*. These bite-size mind-grenades are the ideal sidearm for a fully-loaded training programme for a few reasons:

  • They’re ideal for mobile learning.
  • They’re quick and easy to create.
  • The learners can complete them even faster.
  • Collectable badges get the learners exploring.
  • Prominent leaderboards give them a reason to return.

Here’s how they work:

1. You, the Admin, become God of War! Using the handy Battles wizard, you can add images, text and questions to create tiny moments of glorious chaos.

2. Time to let the dogs of war off their leashes: Choose your teams of combatants and invite them to the fray.

3. Sound the bugle charge! The call to arms shows up in the learners’ My Things To Do list.

4. Boot Camp: Learners can hone their skills in solo Battles and compete for a spot on the Battle leaderboard.

5. Head-to-head Combat: Players slug it out in a rapid-fire, question-by-question quiz-off.

6. The Smell of Victory: The one with the most correct answers in the shortest time is crowned the victor.

7. Dispatches from the Front: The outcome of every Battle appears on the What’s Happening wall, giving the winner the attention they deserve.

8. The Spoils of War: Every winner adds a new badge to their badge cabinet in the designated Battles category.


9. Out of the Ashes…: Meanwhile, back in Valhalla, you can run reports on your Battles and see all the mere mortals that you have turned into heroes!

Battles is just one of the exciting new features on the Academy LMS, the world’s most engaging learning management system, but there’s plenty more to see. Book a demo and see all the other weapons of mass instruction, including:

  • Gamification: Tons of achievement triggers, custom badges, level-based learning pathways and company-wide leaderboards.
  • Social: News feeds, live chat and topic-specific discussion groups bring everyone together and pool their knowledge.
  • Epic Meaning: Full customisation lets you create an online learning environment that your learners can really relate to.

Just click the button to get in touch with one of our engagement engineers!

*Battles are exclusively available with the Knowledge Arcade upgrade.

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