10 Reasons for L&D Professionals to Feel Encouraged Right Now

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Education is the reason we develop as a species. It’s what has seen us become so advanced in things such as medicine and technology. No matter how tough the world gets, we will always need education. The Learning and Development function is the vehicle that delivers education within a business setting. 

So if you’re in L&D, we want you to know that your work matters. You matter, and there’s plenty to feel optimistic about. Still unconvinced? Here are 10 reasons for you to feel encouraged right now…

The Importance of Learning and Development

Only 12% of the world’s population could read in 1820. As of 2016, only 14% remain illiterate. It’s no coincidence that during that time, we’ve had the biggest changes the world has ever seen. The industrial revolution, motorcars, trains, the telephone, the internal combustion engine, photography, oh, and a little thing called electricity was discovered! This shot of ingenuity and creativity could not have been possible had it not been for learning and development and yes, being able to read and write played a big factor in that.


But that’s all in the past, right? What reasons do you have to feel encouraged right now? Well, here are 10 reasons:

10 Reasons for L&D Professionals to Feel Encouraged Right Now

1. In a Changing World, Learning and Development Keeps Employees Up to Date

There are over 250 listed channels dedicated to 24-hour news worldwide. This doesn’t include dedicated sports, business and weather news channels. The point is, our thirst for keeping updated with current affairs is as high as ever. It’s no different when it comes to the industries we work in and, in particular, our own companies. Learning Management Systems supply the communication tools needed in order to keep employees and management in the loop with all the latest happenings. 

The Academy LMS is a NextGen learning solution that includes a host of communication tools. These include live chat, social streams, virtual clubs, expert areas and much more.

2. Learning Development Inspires Employees to Learn More

A big part of Learning and Development is to ensure that learners keep learning once they’ve gone through the onboarding stage. Because at least once in our lives, most of us can be accused of not making an effort to learn anymore once through probation, right? A NextGen Learning Management System allows admins to keep a huge learning library, where content can be created and uploaded daily. Admins can also encourage learners to continue learning by using the social features included.

3. Learning and Development Attracts Top Talent

Investing in Learning and Development has a flood of positive outcomes. One particular benefit is that your organisation will attract better talent. How? A prospect is much more likely to join your company if you have a strong focus on employee development. 87% of Millennials say that personal development or career growth opportunities are important to them, so give the talent what they want!

4. Learning and Development Keeps Remote Companies Together

Modern Learning Management Systems and learning apps give a sense of unity, even when you’re not together. As of 2020, 4.7 million US employees work from home at least one day per week. A NextGen LMS or a mobile learning app builds a sense of community by allowing others to interact freely. With The Knowledge Arcade mobile learning app, learners can keep in touch anytime, anywhere.

5. Learning and Development Reinforces Business Values

As they grow bigger, lots of companies sway from their initial values. It’s important to keep them close by however. A spectacularly important part of L&D’s role in any business is to remind management and employees of their core values. Stray too far away from these and things can start to crumble. For instance, 73% of employees who report working for a purpose-driven company are engaged in their work, as opposed to just 23% of companies without an obvious purpose. L&D can help reinforce your core values by giving users a chance to demonstrate them. For example, Growth Engineering’s core values are to be kind, bold and responsible. We encourage this to be echoed with every member of staff, especially our remote team. We’ve ensured that each value can be demonstrated in some form or another on our platform.

6. Learning and Development Reinforces Organisational Culture

Organisational culture is at the heart of every company. 94% of executives believe that company culture is important to business success. Modern learning technologies don’t just focus on learning content, they also put a strong emphasis on the social side of things. 

Battles are a mobile learning asset unique to Growth Engineering. They use gamification to pitch players against each other in order to see who knows the most about a topic. 

Employees can earn virtual XP (experience points) The results can then be placed on a leaderboard, and that’s where the real competition starts! 

Battles are just one fantastic way to keep up that jovial colleague competitiveness which is so integral to feeling part of a team.

7. Lifelong Learning is Becoming More Important

‘Once you stop learning, you start dying,’ as Albert Einstein once famously said. We agree with him. Lifelong learning has a mountain of benefits. Among other reasons, a study by the University of California revealed that learning keeps your brain healthy and sharp. As the human lifespan is increasing globally, this is something that is becoming more and more crucial to us all. Better start doing them crosswords!

8. Learning and Development Enables Better Futures

Amongst many other things, education opens your mind up to new ways of thinking. It contributes to a society being geopolitically stable, and it leads to economic stability. That aside, think about your creative heroes? Robert De Niro would have been terrible in Taxi Driver and Raging Bull without his acting education! We wouldn’t be making a worldwide effort to rid the oceans of plastic if it wasn’t for David Attenborough educating us about the inevitable dangers (Otherwise known as The Attenborough Effect).

9. Learning and Development Inspires Others to Learn Too

If a colleague prospers and develops in their career, this in turn can inspire others to do the same. As a species, we tend to think a goal is unachievable until it’s achieved. Take Roger Bannister, who was the first man to run a mile in under four minutes. Everyone said this was an impossible feat until it was achieved, and it went on to inspire others to do the same, and better the challenge too. 

By using your learning platform to celebrate accomplishments, L&D can be used to inspire others to achieve greatness too. Why not celebrate your own heroes by awarding virtual badges?

10. Learning and Development Helps Facilitate Great Innovation

Curiosity and necessity have inspired us to do great things in the world. Without it, we wouldn’t have cures and vaccines for diseases. We wouldn’t have put a man on the moon, and we wouldn’t have invented Rock n Roll! We can wrap all this up in one word: innovation. So what is L&D’s role in innovation? Innovation relies on collaboration, steep learning-curves, trouble-shooting, constant tweaking, mentoring, testing and launching. L&D provides a platform to help facilitate these objectives.

Final Word

You see, you can stand proud in the knowledge that you are making a difference in the world! Without L&D and all the hard work you do to help teach and educate, then it’d be a sorry place! (And we wouldn’t have Rock n Roll). 

Make sure you have all you need to train your team, download our Training Checklist Tipsheet!

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