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L’Oréal Travel Retail

L’Oréal Travel Retail’s My Beauty Club app led to a staggering 20% increase in sales revenue. Ready to join the club? 💄
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Company Information:

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July, 1909

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Clichy, France


150 countries


Platform Goals

Continuous Learning: Previously, L’Oréal could only unite this audience twice a year for training sessions. They needed a platform for continuous learning.

Boundaryless Learning: Their new solution had to be available and actively engage learners across 18 countries, speaking six different languages.

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Community-Led: L’Oréal strived to bring Beauty Advisors together, create a learning culture and foster product advocates through a social environment.

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“This is an innovative environment with social and gamification features that help to foster a real learning community. It gives our teams a sense of place and promotes peer-to-peer learning.”
Michelle Zablah
eLearning Project Manager at L’Oréal Americas

The Solution

  • High-Impact Microunits
  • Social Clubs & Forums
  • Knowledge Contests
  • Game Mechanics
  • Push Notifications
  • Admin Tools
  • Reporting Suite
  • & Much More
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The Approach

My Beauty Club is armed with ‘Beauty Bytes’ — compelling microunits crafted to enhance product knowledge. These are embedded within a gamified social learning environment that’s designed to encourage participation and knowledge sharing. L’Oréal Travel Retail even used the ‘Lipstick Lover’ learning game to transform pouts into radiant smiles.

This approach was supported by the following gamification and social features:


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Badges & XP: As learners explore My Beauty Club and complete content, they earn experience points and badges.

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Leaderboards: Accumulating XP helps learners to vie for the coveted top position on the app leaderboards.

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Contests: Learners can compete in player-vs-player knowledge contests to prove their subject matter mastery.

Social Learning

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Social Feed: Learners can share their knowledge with automatically translated social posts and activity updates.

Clubs Live: Learners, trainers and education managers can broadcast training content directly to social streams.

Mobile training

Notifications: Push notifications play a key role in generating social learning buzz and bringing learners back to the app.

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“We have been able to create a Beauty Advisor community, where BAs are able to learn from other peers across the Americas.”
Sylvia Perez
Retail Development Director at L’Oréal Americas

The Results

My Beauty Club has produced unprecedented levels of learner engagement, helping L’Oréal Travel Retail to smash their learning goals.

L’Oréal have even been able to show that territories using My Beauty Club in the Americas see an average 20% increase in sales revenue. 

contests completed per learner
social engagements per day
0 K+
knowledge retention score
0 %
modules completed per month
0 K+
reduction in training costs
0 %
additional lipstick unit sales
0 K+

The Future

My Beauty Club continues to go from strength-to-strength, supporting new users and content initiatives. For instance, it now offers a suite of content on mental health and wellbeing, in addition to sales tips and product training microunits.
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“My Beauty Club has led to an incredible change across L’Oréal Travel Retail APAC. Our Beauty Advisors have immediately adopted it as their home to learn and share!”
Olivier Tessler
General Manager, L’Oréal Paris, Travel Retail APAC

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