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Academy LMS

An engagement engine

The Academy Learning Management System is the #1 NextGen LMS that learners and admins actually enjoy using! Unlike other online learning platforms that simply deliver content, the Academy LMS is an engagement engine, packed full of exciting gamification, social learning and personalisation features as well as powerful reporting and admin tools.

Pioneering Game Mechanics to drive engagement…

Social learning features to enable informal learning…

Personalisation features to make the learning more relevant…

Intuitive admin tools to make your life easier…


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Make learning fun!

At Growth Engineering we are pioneers in gamified learning. We use gamification functionality on the Academy Learning Management System to engineer engagement and create learning superheroes!

If you want your learners to succeed, you need to give them a learning environment that can hold their attention and a platform that keeps them returning for more.

Badges give the learner something to work towards

Levels tie the learning journey to a logical, easy-to-follow structure

Leaderboards drive motivation by encouraging healthy competition

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Learning doesn’t have to be lonely!

Learning, like a lot of things in life, is more fun when other people are involved! The Academy Learning Management System is totally gamified and totally social, creating an engaging learning journey that’s not only inspiring and enjoyable, but is also collaborative and friendly, too.

Online learning doesn’t have to be lonely: the social features on the Academy LMS allow learners to share their love of learning with anyone who’ll listen and foster an culture of knowledge sharing. Now’s the time to get online, get learning and get social.

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The Academy API

Integrate your learning!

When you’re choosing a new Learning Management System, one of your biggest questions might be whether it will integrate with your existing system. How much time will you spend on making the Learning Management System talk to the HR system? Will your learners have to sign on to a bunch of different systems? Our API makes integration easy, saving you time, and greasing the wheels of the LMS implementation process.

The Academy’s API currently allows integration with many HRMS and ERP systems including Salesforce, Sharepoint and Workday.

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Ace Reporting

Gauge your awesomeness!

Our Academy Learning Management System is an engagement engine, but how do you know if that engagement is generating real results? We’ve developed one of the most comprehensive reporting suites in the industry to give you complete control over your reports.

There’s no need to sift through enormous spreadsheets just to find the information you need – the Academy LMS gives you what you want, and only that. This great functionality is part of an intuitive Admin section that’s designed to be as attractive and easy-to-use as the learners’ area.

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Engage your learners – wherever they are!

Wouldn’t you love a Learning Management System that can turn your learners into superheroes no matter where they are? With the Academy LMS, you can segment your learners by geographical area as well as by job role and access level. These localization features let you deliver content to the right people in a number of languages, be it English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German or Dothraki*!

*in development

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The Evolution of the Academy Learning Management System


We never stop improving the Academy LMS. Our tech wizards are always coming up with new and exciting features to make it the most powerful engagement engine in the world.

Check out our version history to see how far the Academy LMS has come already, and keep checking back to find out what new power-ups have been added!

Version History

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