The Academy LMS

The World’s most Engaging Learning Management System!


Brought to you by the Learning Providers of the Year, 2016, The Academy LMS is more than just a learning management system – it’s a social learning platform built to get the most from your employees and turn them into learning superheroes!


Grows with your business.


Sleek and modern interface.


Tailored to meet your needs.


Create a culture of growth.

Unleash your Inner Superheroes

with a True Engagement Engine!


The Learning Environment

The Learner Dashboard is a one-stop shop for all of your employees’ training needs. Its intuitive, responsive interface lets your learners progress their careers anytime, anywhere.


The Academy LMS

A True Engagement Engine!


The Fuel

When you’re powering an Engagement Engine, you don’t need to worry about your carbon footprint. This machine runs on an inexhaustible fuel source and it’s the same thing that powers your company’s growth

  • Your Mission – the Epic Meaning that drives everything you do.
  • Your Vision and Values – the principles that define you.
  • Your Brand – this is the way the world sees you.


It’s not enough to create a familiar environment –learners need an excuse to stick around. Gamification takes the elements that make people want to play games and it applies them in an online learning experience.

These ‘game mechanics’ include:

  • Levels – to add meaning to the learner’s journey.
  • Badges – to reward them for their achievements.
  • Leaderboards – to leverage the power of competitiveness.

Social Features

Most of what we learn at work doesn’t come from manuals or instructional content – we learn it from those around us. Social learning brings everyone together, creating a learning community and unlocking the potential for behavioural and cultural change.

With social elements on a learning platform, you can also:

  • Find experts and identify internal champions
  • Share Knowledge and find the hidden expertise among your learners
  • Generate Discussion and encourage deeper contemplation.
  • Retain Knowledge and build a growing, organic training resource.
  • Create real change by bridging the gap between knowledge and behaviour.


An engaging LMS shouldn’t be just another site. With personalisation, your learning platform becomes a familiar environment built around the things that matter to you. Personalisation is important for the following reasons.

  • Branding your learning platform gives you the power to reinforce your organisational values.
  • A custom solution is a more relevant solution – learners can see how their goals are connected to the wider business objectives, giving them a sense of purpose.
  • Customisable profiles let each learner add a touch of their own personality to their platform.
  • With personalised, adaptive pathways, your learners experience their own unique learning journey.

The Operator

Without a driver, the engagement engine can’t change anything.
The Academy manager/Admin is the unseen controller, bringing learners together and engaging them with their content.

It takes a special kind of person to wield the Engagement Engine’s power –

  • someone who puts the learner first
  • someone who understands the importance of engagement
  • someone who wants to make a real difference.

Does that sound like you?

It's like you know me!

Assess for Success

The Academy Learning Management System comes equipped with all of the tools you need to assess your learners’ progress, identify skills gaps and push the content they need to get them back on track.


Classroom Management

Get the most out of your instructor-led training with The Academy’s classroom management tools and create an integrated blended learning solution.

Admin Tools

Take the stress out of managing a learning management system! With the Academy’s intuitive admin area, getting the right training to the right people has never been easier.


Custom options

Don’t just build a learning platform – build the right learning platform! Extensive custom options let you tailor your Academy and create the perfect solution for your organisation.

LMS Integrations

Launching a new learning management system should be exciting, not stressful! Make the transition as smooth as possible by integrating your learning platform with your existing systems.

Single Sign-On



Custom Integration


Help and Support

Our experienced and dedicated support team are always on hand to give advice and help you make the most of your new learning platform.

Academy Upgrades

These learning management system plugins can enhance the Academy’s existing functionalities and help you boost your employees’ professional development.