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From bespoke eLearning courses to accredited content and qualifications, from ISMM and the ILM all built around the most forward-thinking learning methodologies, our eLearning ticks all the boxes – and then some!

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Navigating the murky waters of online learning can often seem like an intimidating task. There's enough technical terms, industry gibberish and meaningless waffle involved to make even the most hardy voyager feel a little seasick. But fear not, we're here to make your learning experience smooth sailing. Here's what you need to know about eLearning:

  • Also known as 'online learning', it involves undertaking training courses, certificates and degrees online, rather than in a classroom. [Read More]
  • An LMS - Learning Management System - is software that delivers this eLearning to its users. Learners can log on, see what they need to do, complete assessments and take eLearning courses. [Read More]
  • eLearning units are very varied - they can be specific short courses for a company on a particular issue (e.g. fire safety training that is specific to the organisation or office), or accredited qualifications. [Read More]

Whilst we have witnessed the power of online learning first-hand, we appreciate that you may not be quite as smitten as we are. But when you dig deep into the facts and statistics, you'll find plenty of reasons to fall in love. Here's why you should find space in your heart for eLearning:

  • Let's start with the big one: huge savings. Imagine upskilling your workforce without having to send them to a training venue and suffer missed days' sales and wasted wages, while training them up quicker - it's a no-brainer! [Read More]
  • Online learning tears down boundaries, makes the inaccessible accessible and is as lithe and flexible as a ballerina. Forget about geographic boundaries and time-based quandaries. Learners can complete the eLearning courses in their own time, whether they happen to be on the train, on their lunch-break or learning from the comfort of their sofa! [Read More]
  • What does this mean in real terms? eLearning can help you deliver savings upwards of 50% on your training spend and cut down instruction time by 60%. [Read More]

We don't just want you to be impressed by our eLearning. We want to blow your socks off and change your entire way of thinking when it comes to online learning. Here's what makes our online learning so special:

  • Think about when you learn best. Is it when you're flicking through a textbook? Is it when you're being lectured at? Or, is it through first-hand experience? We often don't know whether something is right or wrong until we've experienced it for ourselves (and sometimes we have to experience something multiple times for it to settle in our minds - hence the phrase, 'practice makes perfect'). [Read More]
  • That's why learners are encouraged to apply their own real-world work experiences to the eLearning, to help drive understanding and engagement. This makes it easier for learners to go back out into the real world and use what they've learnt. We call this learning methodology The Discovery Method. [Read More]
  • Want to see how it all works? Check out how Azlan Tech Data have gamified their eLearning to secure learner engagement. [Read More]

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