Managing Training Workshops from Your LMS

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People asking questions in classWhile online learning is an effective method of training your employees, there will be situations in which you’ll have to supplement eLearning with a real-world training workshop.

Take health and safety for example. You can teach your employees the basics online but it will be tricky to teach an employee how to give mouth-to-mouth without using a dummy.

There are some things that simply need to be taught and practised in real life. However, by blending in-person training and an online solution, you can have the best of both worlds.


Training workshop administration

tablet pad interactingWith the right learning platform, you can create and edit classroom bookings, invite employees to attend workshops and even recommend training materials to consume prior to the event.

This lets you set specific learning goals to make sure they arrive at the training workshop armed with all the facts and knowledge they need.

You can also check who has accepted the invitation, what extra work they’ve done on the LMS to prepare for the event and whether there are any prevalent training gaps that demand a greater focus on the day.

You can also use your LMS to update or edit any information about the workshop if needs be. If the date, time, classroom or any other details change, the LMS can push automated emails to let the attendees know.

Make training workshops more engaging

Linking training workshops with your LMS lets organisations bring technology into the classroom. This lets you use the additional features to make the training more engaging. Provided your LMS is mobile-responsive, you can implement a BYOD training solution, incorporating real-time quizzes or surveys.

Not only does this create a more participative learning experience for the learner, the same system can be accessed by the instructor. During the classroom training, tutors can run live reports and create tests and assessments which can be taken before, during and after the training workshop, to track how much the employees are learning and how their knowledge is improving. Doing this lets the trainer gauge the attendees understanding and adapt their approach to suit the learners’ needs.

If you want to find out more about using technology in training workshops, we’ve written a white paper that covers everything you need to know! Just click here to download your copy.


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