Gamification in online learning

An essential part of a true Engagement Engine
When an online learning solution fails, it’s usually down to one problem – a lack of learner engagement. If you want your learners to succeed, you need to give them a learning environment that can hold their attention and a platform that keeps them returning for more.
As pioneers in gamified online learning solutions, we’ve witnessed the power of gamification first hand. Since 2004, our clients have been using the Academy Learning Management System to engineer engagement, create learning superheroes and deliver real behavioural change throughout their organisations.

#1 Gamified LMS

2014, 2015, 2016

The Academy LMS has been ranked the best fully-gamified platform in Craig Weiss’s list of top Learning Management Systems, as well as being ranked the overall #1 LMS in the world in 2015!

Gamification Leaders

According to Training Industry

We’ve been recognised by Training Industry (arbiters of the learning and development marketplace) in their Top 20 Gamification Companies List, making us a certified world-leader!

Custom Learning Games

Level up and unlock game-based learning!

We can help you create the perfect learning game to get your employees excited and deliver your training objectives.

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Gamification (ɡeɪmɪfɪˈkeɪʃ(ə)n) noun. 1. the application of gaming mechanics to non-gaming environments to make difficult tasks more palatable.


With Experience Points, your learners are awarded for achieving learning goals and for simply interacting with the platform. This has a huge impact on engagement… but then, that’s the point!


Badges give the learner something to work towards and they provide the motivation to complete learning content. Design some awesome badges, then watch as your learners fight it out to earn the most!


Leaderboards drive motivation by encouraging healthy competition. At a glance, your learners can see how many badges or points they need to claim their spot at the top of the leaderboard.


Levels tie the learning journey to a logical, easy-to-follow structure. Your learners progress through each level as they complete learning goals designed around your business objectives.

Game mechanics are the tools that bring gamification to life. Each of these tools works in its own special way to drive engagement and unlock the full potential of your learning programme. Learn more about game mechanics.
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Did you know..?

Game Learning Zone

A Learning Platform for Gamers!

The gamification features on our Academy LMS are used by our clients to keep their learners engaged with their training. One such client is GAME, the UK’s biggest high-street video game retailer.

Craig mills game learning zone“The biggest thing for me was the Levels, Leaderboards and Badges – all of the gamification elements that came along with the platform. You were doing it head and shoulders above everyone else in the market”

-Craig Mills, GAME Learning Manager


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Gamification is just one essential part of the perfect learner engagement solution.If you want your LMS to put your learners on a fast-track to success, you need something better than just an LMS.

In this interactive workbook we’ll help you figure out your engagement plan, exploiting the power of gamification, social learning and personalisation.

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