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What are Scorecards and How Do They Work?

Pacman Learner IllustrationThe Scorecard is a streamlined update of your general performance and level progression.

Used in strategic management, this performance metric identifies key areas that need improvement.

They’re also a consistent reminder of how well learners are doing on the platform.

Be it footballers, superheroes or Pokémon; Top Trumps has been a popular childhood game from generation to generation. If you’re familiar with the concept, then you’ll have no problem understanding Scorecards on The Knowledge Arcade and The Academy LMS.

What’s The Value of Scorecards?

Did you know, 50% of people benefit from competition in the office? In-house Scorecards will soon become your own version of Top Trumps!

There are tons of benefits to having a simplified performance update. Here are just some:

They Encourage Competition

The platform allows you to view your colleague’s Scorecards. Knowing the progress of your co-workers means you can compare stats. Additionally, the competitive element spurs you on to perform better.

They remind you of your Progress

Admins have the option for Scorecards to flash up whenever a learner logs in. This means that learners will have a steady reminder of their development.

This also means automatic daily updates of experience points, badges, leaderboard position, streak progression and level progress.

They Save Time

Having stats and details condensed onto a Scorecard can save time when it comes to identifying if your learners require assistance.

For example, if you can see that an employee has sat at Level 1 for 6 months, then you can address any issues with motivation or knowledge gaps they may be experiencing.

What’s on a Scorecard?

Admins can customise Scorecards to best reflect the company. Here’s a full list of the stats that can be used:

  • Username
  • Profile Picture
  • Total XP (Experience Points)

Experience Points (XP) are a game mechanic used to measure how well the learner has mastered their eLearning. You can collect XP everywhere on The Academy LMS and The Knowledge Arcade!

  • Number of Badges Collected

Badges are a powerful gamification tool that can help engage your learners.

  • Position on Leaderboard

A Leaderboard is a gamified table that categorises learners based on their XPs.

  • Progression on the Current Tracked Streak

Admins are able to select a behaviour they want to encourage and attach a Streak to it.

  • Your Level Progress/Access to your Level

You have the option to show each learner’s Level on the Scorecard, as well as their progress on said Level.

  • Activity Stats: (Logins/Posts/Updates)

You also have the option to display activity stats on your Scorecard. This will show elements such as the number of logins and the number of posts on the social wall.

Here’s our good friend Karl Kapp talking about the benefits of why gamification is so addictive (collecting!)

Final Word

Scorecards are a fantastic way to condense your learner’s data, stats and progress. They display vital information such as position on the Leaderboard, amount of Experience Points and the Level they’re at. They help instigate healthy competition as well as being a welcome daily reminder of development.

Scorecards originate from the world of gaming and gamification. It’s a feature which will bring you one step closer to learner engagement – which is what it’s all about!

To learn more about how you can implement gamification in business, download our FREE whitepaper: Effective Use of Gamification in Business.

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Like What You're Reading? Join the Growth Squad!

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