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Three Challenges Facing Behaviour Change

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Behaviour change is practically essential when it comes to learning.

For instance, when typists moved from typewriters to word-processors in the 1970s, they had to re-evaluate their methods and everything that had been taught to them.

Sometimes, these changes can be unsettling, especially if the learner is already conditioned to use certain techniques and technology. So, what are the challenges facing behaviour change? And even more importantly, how can we overcome these for a smoother transition?

Firstly, what’s the lowdown regarding behaviour change so essential?

What is Behaviour Change?

Behaviour change relates to any modification or transformation of our behaviours. It’s a human coping mechanism that sometimes constitutes a steep learning curve. For instance, when the first homosapien died via a snake bite, the others in the tribe no doubt changed their behaviour around snakes (ie, they were no longer using them as rope and draft excluders!).

Why is Behaviour Change Needed?

Behaviour change is needed to oversee a slick adjustment period whenever there’s a shift in exterior elements, or simply an obstacle you cannot overcome. In learning, there may be certain challenges that the trainee will face in order to absorb the information effectively:

Three Challenges Facing Behaviour Change in Learning

1. Engagement

Learning new content requires a change in behaviour, as we train our brain to accept new concepts. If the content is not initially understood, it can lead to disengagement. Behaviour change demands the learner be engaged. Without focus and a dedication to learn, the information will basically be ineffective.

Need to initiate behaviour change? Have no fear! We have the know-how to ensure complete engagement in order to do so! Our LMS has some truly fantastic engagement tools. Here are just a few examples:


Gamification is the process of applying game mechanics to non-game related environments. With industries catching on to this relatively new engagement method, there’s tons of examples out there!

For example, Nissan have designed an app called Carwings which tracks the behaviours of electric car users. This is designed to change behaviours towards driving. Its main focus is safe driving. It compares your speeds to other users and awards points to those who drive safely. Drivers with a competitive side are now driving more safely to reach the top of the leaderboard.

An even simpler version of introducing gamification in order to initiate behaviour change is the Email Game. This is where you are awarded points for responding to emails quickly. We can all be guilty of opening an email and totally forgetting to reply.

So by awarding points, this is fantastic approach to trigger behaviour change.

In an eLearning environment, our Growth Engineering LMS rolls out gamification in style! We have our very own XP (Experience Points) scheme whereby you earn points by completing eLearning modules. The more points you have, the higher up you’ll be on our leaderboards.

As well as leaderboards, we have a treasure trove of virtual badges to collect. This will hopefully rekindle the same fever for badges you had in the Scouts/Girl Guides! Our badges include everything from completing training objectives, to login counts. We also have levels implemented, from beginners, to intermediate, to experts!

You can then reward your high-scorers with anything from online vouchers to a free lunch courtesy of your company.

Gamification on our award winning app therefore implements a behaviour change, as employees will be battling to learn as much as they can!

2. Pre-Conditioning

Workers are sometimes so preconditioned, that it’s a real task to etch in your own company values. In fact, lots of employers purposely hire inexperienced workers as it’s easier to mould them and change their behaviour from the start. The downside, unfortunately, is natural less experience.

So assuming you want someone with a strong and relevant CV,  how do you overcome pre-conditioning? We can think of two ways in particular:

Social Learning

Just as in the animal kingdom, there’s seldom a better way to instigate behaviour change than to drop your new employee into the enclosure and simply spectate… As the famous 70:20:10 model confirms, 20% of learning is executed via social activities. New workers will soon soak up the company culture when they pick up the attitudes of others.


A lot of the front-end features on our Academy LMS are purposely built to replicate that of a social media platform. From the main newsfeed to instant messenger, to accommodating pics and videos; learners will instantly feel familiarized to the layout.

You can personalise your profile as your would your social media profile. From your profile picture to adding a bio, there’s lots of ways you can customise your corner of the LMS.

3. Tools

Lastly, tools play a big part in helping us to change our behaviours. Without the relevant apparatus, behaviours might just stay the same! Luckily, we have the tools at hand to help! For instance, our Growth Engineering Learning App incorporates cutting edge technology with pioneering learning methodologies to bring you an engaging mobile app. In fact, its sole purpose is to actually ‘drive real behavioural change.’ With this here tool, you’ll be able to initiate change by creating a learning journey that goes through the following stages:

  • Delivering information through Learning Quests
  • Testing knowledge through Learning Battles
  • Contextualising information through Learning Challenges

Final Words

So, behaviour change hasn’t historically been a smooth process. With challenges such as engagement, preconditioning and having the right tools, it can sometimes seem impossible!

Thankfully, it has become easier thanks to technology giving us a helping hand. We now have gamification, social learning, and our very own Growth Engineering Learning App to help!

Click here to book a tour of our awesome Growth Engineering Learning App!

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