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EE: Digital Academy

Discover how EE’s Digital Academy led to a 92% increase in digital skills. High engagement is calling… 🥇
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April, 2010

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21.7 Million

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United Kingdom

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EE are mobile marvels and smooth operators. In other words, they are a British mobile network operator, internet service provider and a division of the BT Group. They are the UK’s biggest and fastest mobile network with more 4G coverage than anyone else.

Back in 2016, EE had a lofty learning goal in mind: to improve the digital skills of their 13,000+ employees. As such, they sought out a digital learning platform that would engage and inform their learners whilst improving their compliance rate.

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Platform Goals

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One-Stop Learning Hub: EE aimed to consolidate all their learning platforms and resources into a single, authoritative source.

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Easy Accessibility: EE wanted their knowledge-hungry employees to have access to their training content wherever they were and whenever they needed.

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Effortless Engagement: EE sought to raise learner engagement levels by deploying approaches like gamification, social learning and personalisation.

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Increase in Digital Skills
0 %
Learner Logins (Last 30 Days)
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0 %

The Solution

In order to meet these needs, EE selected Growth Engineering LMS – the world’s most engaging learning management system. Growth Engineering LMS utilises a brain science backed approach to change behaviour and improve training outcomes.

This provided a framework for EE’s ‘Digital Academy’.

Key features include:

 Social Learning
 Deep Customisation
 Content Library
 Mobile Learning
 Classroom Management
 Admin Tools
 Reporting Suite
 & Much More

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"I came across Growth Engineering and I was absolutely blown away. They had taken a traditional LMS and turned it on its head! Instead of talking about reporting and hosting, they spoke about personalisation and engagement!"
Pinda Dhillon-Sehra Profile Image
Pinda Dhillon-Sehra
Head of Training Design, EE

The Approach

EE’s primary goal was to improve the digital skill set of their employees. This would ensure that they were able to use (and sell!) devices like computers, tablets and mobile phones. To achieve this goal, EE shared a variety of microunits as part of an 8 level curriculum. EE even used a Bubble Blaster learning game to send engagement levels sky high!

This approach was supported by the following gamification and social features:


Badges & XP Icon

Badges & XP: As learners explore the Digital Academy and complete content, they earn experience points and badges.

Levels Icon

Levels: Earning experience points helps learners to level up. This, in turn, provides access to new learning content.

Leaderboards Icon

Leaderboards: Learners compete for the top slot on the platform leaderboards by completing content and earning XP.

Social Learning

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Social Feed: Learners communicate with each other through the social feed. They can also see any recent activity updates.

Live Chat Icon

Live Chat: For a more instant form of communication, learners can reach out to each other via instant message.

Clubs Icon

Clubs: Alternatively, learners can use specialised discussion forums to get right to the heart of the matter.

EE Bubble Blaster Learning Game Phone Mockup
“If you’ve not yet checked out the Digital Academy, it really is addictive. I certainly won’t be stopping at Level 7!”
Marc Allera Profile Image
Marc Allera

The Results

It’s worth noting that all these training experiences are optional. This means that EE employees chose to actively engage with them. Better still, 92% of Digital Academy users say that it has helped to improve their digital skills.

After the first three months, the following milestones had been achieved:

of Learners Hit Level 4
0 %
Assessment Completions
Average Assessment Score
0 %
Bubble Blaster Games Played
of Learners Hit Level 8
0 %
Content Items Completed

The Future

The Digital Academy was such an outstanding success that it attracted the attention of EE’s parent company, BT (British Telecom). Growth Engineering LMS has since been rolled out to 35,000 BT employees, with the potential for a wider roll-out in the future.

EE x BT Device Mockup
“Would I recommend Growth Engineering? Yes. But not to the competitors!”
Pinda Dhillon-Sehra Profile Image
Pinda Dhillon-Sehra
Head of Training Design, EE

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