What are the Benefits of Rapid eLearning?

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Superhero learnerCompanies are waking up to the demands of modern learners who require a more personalised experience when it comes to training. This could mean anything from microlearning to learning via different mediums such as video.

Organisations are also having to respond to constantly evolving technology, which now allows us to access learning 24/7. Rapid eLearning is a term that has spread as quickly as the process itself. But does creating agile content compromise the quality?

Let’s get you up to speed with everything rapid eLearning…

What is Rapid eLearning?

Rapid eLearning is the quick construction and absorption of micro units. These modules are created with ease and consumed with ease. It’s all about being responsive!

A common misconception is that rapid equals rushed, and therefore lacking in any real substance. However, state-of-the-art condensed learning environments such as The Knowledge Arcade and Genie have given us the have given everyone the power to create beautiful eLearning content in record time.

What Circumstances Demand Rapid eLearning?

The main benefits of rapid eLearning include the quick turnaround of module creation, and how responsive it allows you to be. Suppose you’re in charge of L&D for a tech retail chain. A new mobile phone has been released and your staff need to be trained up on it. With rapid eLearning, you can get your training to your staff within hours, not weeks!

Why is Rapid eLearning Beneficial?

There are many benefits to implementing rapid eLearning into your business:

It Saves on Training Costs

Creating rapid eLearning takes much less time, this saves money. The Knowledge Arcade already comes with templates, themes and social tools integrated, you’ll be saving money from the moment it’s implemented. With Genie, this process is made even quicker with tools such as templates. They save you worrying about formatting and branding your training content, simply input your content and it will automatically be transformed!

It’s Suited for Mobilemobile learning

Smartphones are the perfect vehicles for rapid eLearning. This is because the content is broken down into small segments (also referred to as microlearning). The typical smartphone user touches their phones 2617 times a day, so learning on mobile will more than likely become a habit too. Using mobiles to learn means that learning can be achieved on commutes, or simply during downtime.

Anyone Can Do It

There’s no coding required, and no design resource needed. This means that you can whip up training quickly. You can even ask SMEs to do it for you. Once again, this is just another example of how rapid eLearning saves resources, time and therefore money.

It’s Easier to Update

Rapid eLearning tools give us the ability to update, amend and refresh the uploaded content and modules. Admins can keep learners up-to-date with industry regulations as well as changes in learner demands. On top of this, you can swiftly upload material to fill any freshly exposed knowledge gaps. With Genie, you simply make changes to your content and click update, it will then update the old unit and notify learners!

It Enhances Knowledge Retention

The very nature of rapid eLearning means that the learning material is bite-sized. Microlearning is usually any learning material that takes 5 minutes and under to consume. This agile style of learning cuts away any surplus material and focuses on the crux of the training objective. It can also be added into existing training campaigns with ease. Genie makes it incredibly easy to create content rapidly and push it to the right people.

Final Word

If you require your eLearning course to cover a broad range of topics in thorough detail, then rapid eLearning may be unsuitable for your needs. What agile learning is great for, however, is for providing accessible, to-the-point content that can be created and shared promptly. This can be achieved via a range of mediums such as PDF files, video, audio files and more.

Why not try a demo of Genie here today? Simply follow this link and click sign up!

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