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Push And Pull – Get Learners Using the Right Content

We know what you’re thinking. ‘Pushing? Pulling? Sounds like a violent scene from a Black Friday deal stampede!’

In fact, pushing and pulling is all about how you make your content accessible to people. It’s most commonly used in the world of marketing to describe the ways in which a customer will find and buy a product.

A push strategy is generally a quick one, and involves shoving your product out there for the customer to see! Traditionally this meant sending someone a leaflet or brochure, but now you see it in the form of email marketing and paid advertising on search engines and social media.

A pull strategy is about bringing the customer to you. With the entirety of human knowledge available at our fingertips, we’ve become pretty damn good at doing our own research.

So companies need to spend time and effort to prove to people that they offer something of value which is worth checking out. This might involve building their brand so that it becomes a household name, or maintaining a blog full of industry-leading thoughts (sound familiar?).

But just how does this apply to learning?

Push And Pull In Learning

When it comes to learning, a healthy blend of pushing and pulling can help your learners go a long way!

Think back to how pulling in marketing often involves creating great content. The same is true in learning! You need to spend the time and effort on your training programmes to make sure that they’re top-notch and something which a learner will get real value from. Pull content works especially well for informal learning programs, which revolve around self-led knowledge discovery.

But relying on pulling alone is less effective in L+D than it is in marketing most other products. Most consumers have access to a wealth of information in the form of online product reviews, thousands of search results and recommendation from friends. But learning content is generally designed for a much smaller group of people, making this information much more limited.

As such, you need to push your excellent content out to your learners so that they can actually find it! But again, pushing on its own is no good (unless you’re in labour). You need to be pushing them towards something which is of high enough quality to pull their attention and engage them with their learning.

push and pull

How Do We Do It?

Our gamified, social Growth Engineering LMS is equipped with enough features to push and pull your learners wherever you need them to be!

Personalised Content

Through the ‘My Things to Do’ section on a user’s dashboard, you can push the perfect content to meet every individual’s needs. Simply invite them to take it, and it will show up in the box.

Similarly, you can also push out personalised emails to anyone you want, recommending any training content you think will be relevant for them!


There’s even a pushing method hidden in our gamification features! On our Growth Engineering LMS you can level-up as you learn, and you can assign new content to become available at each level.

This means you can push content to people in the order of your choosing, such as giving them more foundational content at first and more advanced things later on.

Social Features

Then there are ways to pull learners to the best content. Remember how it’s harder to research which content is best among an internal training programme?

Well, we allow learners to rate every piece of content, so everyone can see at a glance what’s been reviewed most positively. You can also leave more detail in the comments, so savvy researchers can be pulled towards something perfect for them!

Performance Centre

Finally, our Performance Centre is the perfect way to push people in the right direction. This is a performance management solution which is fully integrated with our Growth Engineering LMS. As employees use it, their managers will be able to build a Personal Development Plan, or PDP, for every single one.

push and pull

This collects all of the content recommendations a manager has made, into one simple package. This lets learners work their way through their own individually tailored plan, all pushed to them by their manager!

Fancy taking a closer look at all of the features on our Growth Engineering LMS? Book a free tour today!

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Like What You're Reading? Join the Growth Squad!

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