New year, New Admin UI

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Admin UIThe New Year is the best time to refresh, revitalise and reinvent yourself. Whether it’s eating healthily, giving up booze, or even running off to start a new life in South America, getting a fresh start can do a world of good!

In our eyes though, our beloved Academy LMS is as much a part of us as our own arms! We wanted to share some of our New Year cheer with it, so we thought long and hard about which area of the platform could most do with a revamp.

While we focus almost all of our efforts onto improving the learner experience and ensuring that they’re engaged with their training, we realised that the admins running the Academies deserve some love as well.

That’s why we decided that it was time to give our platform’s admin pages a full make-over!

The new Admin UI

So what have we done to improve the admin section? Well, just as we offer learners a simple user interface, we’ve offered admins a similarly simple and streamlined experience, to make managing their Academy as easy as possible!

Admin UI

We’ve gathered up the most used Admin tools and placed them right in the middle of the admin dashboard. Now they can add content, raise support tickets, adjust gamification settings and run key reports all through a one-click process!

We’ve also added key statistics, which can be checked at a glance from the same dashboard page. So now an admin can see in an instant how many logins have been made that week, or how many posts have been made on the social feed that month, for instance.

We expect this redesign to save our customers a lot of time an energy, as they have much easier access to everything they need!

The future

admin UIThis admin overhaul is just the first step in our plans for 2016! This year we’ll be releasing a massive upgrade to our platform. The details are still under wraps, but we can reveal the codename – The Academy LMS V2!

The only other thing we’ll tell you is that this upgrade will be focused around adding even more engagement to the platform. So you can expect a whole new wealth of features to supercharge your learners and maximise the potential of your learning programmes!

Watch this space!

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