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Mobile Learning: What the Experts are Saying


The world of online learning is getting jolly carried away at the potential mobile learning has to offer, but why? You’d be a damn fool not to ask, ‘Why is mobile learning something that my online learning strategy needs?”. Well we’re not interested in creating another zombie that follows the crowd, we want you to be a learning superhero! So, without further ado, let’s see what the experts have to say on mobile learning…

Bryan Alexander- “On-demand learning turns the world itself into a potential classroom, library, lab or studio”

Bryan is a futurist. His job is to predict future trends, and he sees mobile learning as a valuable tool in this vision. The ability for a learner to consume lessons in an environment of their choosing will maximise engagement with the content. Great work Bryan, now can you tell me what next week’s lottery numbers will be?

Lee Kolbert- “Using technology for its own sake is wasteful. Using technology as an innovative way to explore new ideas and create learning outcomes is effective”

Lee Kolbert is a District Manager for the Department of Education in America and she is a strong advocate for mobile learning. Lee thinks mobile learning shouldn’t be deployed as a gimmick, but instead a key player in your online learning strategy. Follow her advice and you’re well on your way to creating content for your learners that will be a smash hit!

Benjamin Bonnet- “The real power of mobile learning is in sharing and expressing knowledge”


Benjamin is a lecturer at George Mason University, where he stresses the potential of social learning within mobile learning. Bonnet highlights that our knowledge is already being shaped by mobile social learning as we share news articles on Facebook, Twitter etc. This trend will continue and will be used by learners to share knowledge around their mobile training, curb knowledge loss within an organisation and increase effectiveness.

Pedro A. Tamayo- “Content is the king of mobile learning, regardless of whether that content comes to us through apps, eBooks, video or social networks”

If watching Napoleon Dynamite has taught us anything it’s got to be, “Vote for Pedro”, and with quotes like this you’d be mad not to! Pedro A. Tamayo is a lecturer who advocates the use of mobile learning given the flexibility it offers. Mobile learners are spoilt for choice on how they consume content. From effective bursts of video to podcasts that can be listened to anywhere. Such choice results in learners that remain engaged with the ability to access learning content wherever they may be. Winner winner, mobile learning dinner.

Have you come across any mobile words of wisdom? Let us know via pigeon, semaphore and raven…or whatever the youth do these days!

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