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Knowledge Arcade Feature Focus: Initiating Behavioural Change with Quests

micro learning gamification exampleEvery epic journey starts with a single step. The road to behaviour-change Nirvana is long and arduous and you can’t afford to put obstacles in your learners’ path. In an age when people can instantly get answers from a virtual assistant, or a search engine, expectations have changed. Nobody has the patience to sit through a long and boring eLearning unit. A micro learning solution lets you craft a learning experience that fits the way people live today.

Knowledge on its own doesn’t change behaviour – you need to test and reinforce it. The Knowledge Arcade divides this process into three different stages: Quests, Battles and Challenges. Each point of the journey challenges the learners in different ways and moves them further along Bloom’s Taxonomy. Quests play a vital role, giving the learner daily breadcrumbs of knowledge that gradually amount to an entire course.

Quests: Micro learning made easy

Quests are tiny nuggets of knowledge that your learners receive on a regular basis. Like an eLearning unit, each one is a self-contained item that delivers a learning objective. The thing that sets Quests apart is that they don’t demand a huge investment in time, thereby improving the chances of engaging your busy learners.

micro learning dashboard

Mobile-First Content

Quests give instructional designers a new way of thinking about their learning campaigns. This feature lets them create an on-going training experience that can scale and flex to any organisational training need. With this convenient micro learning solution, you can support learning initiatives in a wide variety of cases, for example:

  • Product Training
  • Customer Service tips
  • Mini-scenarios and examples

Micro Content Authoring

If you’re not an expert on micro learning, the Knowledge Arcade’s Quest Builder has you covered. This mobile-first authoring tool helps you create learning content that works perfectly on mobile devices. Its user-friendly wizard gives handy guidelines and best-practice advice to ensure that your learners have a first-class micro learning experience.

Multimedia micro learning

The Knowledge Arcade supports a variety of media types, helping you create a balanced and interesting learning campaign. With this flexible tool, you can:

  • add your own video files, or embed YouTube clips
  • upload custom imagery and graphical assets
  • add short chunks of text
  • create multiple-choice questions.

Create a Learning Culture

Behaviour change is only possible when learning becomes a daily habit. With more features on our development road map, the Quests functionality unlocks endless possibilities for keeping training at the front of your learners’ minds. Once your learners are engaging with their training programme regularly, you’ll have the beginning of a learning culture.

Just like all of our learning technologies here at Growth Engineering, Quests are fully gamified. This means that learners can earn points and virtual rewards for their achievements, and even compete on a company-wide leaderboard. With the added support of Battles and Challenges, the Knowledge Arcade is the ideal solution for training in the information era.

This is because its design was 100% research-led. It’s a powerful tool for delivering training that changes learner behaviour. Find out more about the science of behaviour change here!

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Like What You're Reading? Join the Growth Squad!

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