The Science Of Behaviour Change

Changing your learners’ behaviour and making an impact through your training won’t happen by magic. It’s time to set aside your magic wand and embrace ‘The Science of Behaviour Change’.

You’ll learn:

  • Why behaviour change is so difficult to engineer
  • How Self-Determination Theory can help you to turn the tide
  • And how smartphones can drive behaviour change

To help you uncover what pioneering cognitive research says about driving behaviour change!

Behaviour change is the ultimate goal of any learning and development intervention. If you can’t change your learners’ behaviour, you won’t achieve your organisational objectives.

Unfortunately, behaviour change is difficult. It doesn’t happen overnight. This is where we can help.

Why behaviour change is so difficult to engineer

Behaviour change is much easier said than done. Brain science can help us to understand why.

How Self-Determination Theory can help turn the tide

To make a real difference, we need autonomy, competence and relatedness.

How smartphones can facilitate behaviour change

We use our smartphones in short sharp bursts. Find out how that can help boost behaviour change!


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