How to Increase Productivity with Training

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Three people sat at a desk looking at a computer. They're celebrating because of how productive they are.

How to increase productivity? A question you’ve surely asked at some point! When you’re productive it feels good, it’s satisfying, you feel… productive

Being happy makes you productive and being productive makes you happy. Productivity is rewarding for everyone involved! Your organisation benefits from increased output and your employees are more fulfilled by their role. But the big question is how to increase productivity.

Drawing out the talents of your people helps them do their job better and gives you a chance to iron out productivity-reducing habits.

Five Ways to Increase Productivity With Training

1: Make Your People Happy

Employees are up to 12% more productive when they’re happy. There’s a lot to be gained from delighting your people. Even small changes to an employee’s workspace, like the addition of family photos, can increase productivity by 15%. A little personalisation gives employees a sense of ownership which makes them happier.

You can make your learners happier by personalising their learning journey. They’ll find the sense of ownership rewarding and it’ll increase their commitment to personal development. If your learners are happy, they’ll complete more training, improve their skills and become more productive.

A list of targets. They have been ticked because of an increase in productivity. There is a pen and it is poised to write.

2: Set Targets and Achieve More

People who set targets are more productive. The process of target-setting helps you hone in on what’s most important, helping you filter out unnecessary tasks. People who write their targets down complete almost 20% more of their objectives than those you don’t. Write down your goals, make a commitment to reach them and hold yourself accountable.

Make sure that learners prioritise training. You can make this easy with clear learning pathways. These help learners break down their training into a series of manageable targets they can work towards.

3: Sociable Workers Are More Productive

Idle chit-chat with colleagues is important, as it lets people share ideas and work together to solve problems. It’s also essential for developing relationships which might be needed to solve future problems!

It’s the same with online learning. Social functionality helps learners to share their knowledge and create a wider knowledge-sharing network. Your people can learn from team members, then use that knowledge to become more productive employees!

A man in overalls standing on a clutch. He has tools in his front pocket and is holding a spanner aloft.4: Don’t Let Tools Hold You Back

Employees not having the information they need when they need it can waste hours of work time. Increase employee productivity by ensuring nothing gets in the way of them doing their job, and give them the tools and information they need to work efficiently.

Don’t let anything come between your learners and learning. A confusing user interface on a clunky LMS could put learners off training. A mobile learning solution gives learners access to content when it suits them, meaning they don’t have to squeeze training into their busy schedules. Without any hurdles to drive your learners away, they’ll get more done!

5: Recognise & Reward Success

78% of employees would work harder if they got more recognition. Recognising the effort your people put in shows you value them and their talents.

Show learners how much you appreciate them by awarding badges to recognise their efforts and help keep them motivated!

Final Word

If you’re wondering how to increase productivity, make your employees happier by creating a sociable work environment and setting clear targets. Equip your people to reach these targets and reward them when they do! Not only will this increase productivity, but it’ll improve your organisational culture as well.

It’s the same with online learning. When learners love training, you get a better return on investment. This blog is part of a series on the business case for online learning. Click the button below to subscribe and stay up to date!

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