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Exciting UK Customer Experience Awards Announcement!

CelebrationOur very own Head of Customer Excellence, Mr Richard Culpin, has reached the finals of the UK Customer Experience Awards!

Please excuse us while we hoist Richard up on our shoulders for a celebratory lap around the office…

Now that’s done, let’s explain a bit more about the awards, the category and what this means for Richard and Growth Engineering.

The Customer Experience Awards, part of Awards International, was created to recognise and reward outstanding achievement in customer experience across a variety of industries and disciplines, showcasing the organisations and talented teams within them.

7nnThe lovely Richard, having spearheaded numerous campaigns and initiatives within Growth Engineering to deliver outstanding service to our equally lovely clients, is now being recognised within the CX Awards’ “Professional of the Year” category.

Richard is one of just five individuals in the finals of the category and stands among professionals in such well-known organisations as Barclays and Direct Line. Tough competition, but we have faith in you, Rich!

The Professional of the Year award is given to super-awesome customer service professionals who respond to a particular problem or opportunity within their organisation and have a big impact on the business – which is something Richard has most definitely achieved at Growth Engineering, having come up with numerous initiatives – such as the Support Centre and Admin Training Academy – over the three years he has been a GEople.

Juliette Denny, Growth Engineering’s Managing Director, said: “Rich is an essential part of what keeps Growth Engineering growing and succeeding. I’ve handed him enormous responsibilities, but I always know I’ve placed them in good hands.

“Rich’s initiatives have been integral to Growth Engineering delivering an online learning experience that learners love. I’m delighted that he has reached the finals of the Customer Experience Awards – his achievements deserve to be recognised!”

Of course, it’s not just about tooting our own horn. Juliette’s praise is thoroughly backed up by customers:

  • Estelle Shepherd, Global Head of People at Hall & Partners: “We’ve been a classic ‘pain in the ass’ client … Rich is endlessly patient. He makes me feel he’s glad to hear from us and turns around every request within hours. He has my heartfelt gratitude and respect – when we launch it will be thanks, in no small measure, to Richard.”
  • Monique Griggley, Marketing Manager at Tech Data Corporation: “Richard has an unmatched can-do attitude … His knowledge and passion shine throughout his work so his customers become motivated and quickly adapt to the platform. I look forward to working with Richard in future.”
  • Alex Skelt, L&D Manager at Steinhoff UK Retail: “Richard provides a personal level of service and questions us properly about what we want to achieve, leading to better outcomes for both parties. Richard is an outstanding representative for Growth Engineering and one of the key reasons why I’d promote them to others.”

awardAw shucks, guys! It’s so awesome to know our Rich is doing such a fab job. We knew he was, of course, but to hear it from the horse’s mouth (so to speak) warms our cockles.

But that’s not all! You may remember (how could you forget?) that our Academy Learning Management System was ranked the #1 LMS in the world for 2015. Well, Craig Weiss, CEO of E-Learning 24/7 and creator of said list, highlighted our ‘extraordinary’ service and support as one of the reasons why we made the top spot. So well done Richard, and the new addition to our Customer Excellence department, Rebecca!

If you’re wondering, we find out the exciting results of the Customer Experience Awards on Friday 25th September at the Park Plaza, Westminster Bridge. Fingers crossed, Rich! You can book a place at the awards ceremony via the awards website.

Find out more about what makes our Academy LMS the best in the world by requesting a guided webinar tour – just click the button below and fill out the form!

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