Social Learning

Learning doesn’t have to be lonely!

What is a Social Learning Platform?

Engaging employees with their training and development is a big challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. You can think of a social learning platform as a social intranet – a designated online space where your people come to learn and share their knowledge.

A cloud-based social training platform has all of the security of a social intranet, but with even more flexibility. As you’d expect from a social network, it’s accessible via any browser whether it’s on a mobile, tablet or desktop. This lets your employees collaborate, communicate and develop from anywhere in the world.

Why make learning social?

Something that many learning professionals fail to realise is that people want to learn – all they need is the right environment. There are many good reasons to enable social learning, for example:

It’s flexible: Social learning will happen whenever, wherever without the need for a structured curriculum

It’s enjoyable: With Social Learning, the learners dictate their own journey, which makes it much more fun!

It’s more effective: When we’re happy, are brains are 68% more active allowing us to absorb 86% more information. Need we say more!?

The Benefits of a Social Learning Platform

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The Academy LMS

Your social learning platform

Learning, like a lot of things in life, is more fun when other people are involved! The Academy LMS is a social learning platform, that lets you create an awesome learning journey that’s not only inspiring, enjoyable and engaging, but is also collaborative and friendly, too.

Training and development doesn’t have to be a lonely experience for your employees: the social features on our learning management system let employees share their love of learning with their colleagues. Now’s the time to get online, get learning and get social.

Our Academy Learning Management System has been ranked as the #1 Gamified Social LMS in the world*, and for good reason…

*Craig Weiss – CEO, eLearning 24/7

See our Social Learning platform for yourself

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Formal Learning


Informal Learning

Did you know that formal learning, while it provides an important foundation, accounts for only 10% of what we learn? The rest is split between practical on-the-job experience and the things learned from interacting with other people. Ask yourself this:

How can I take advantage of the other 90%?

The social features on the Academy LMS are designed to encourage interaction, and to generate a culture of knowledge sharing among employees, tapping into the hidden learning potential with no effort required from the management.

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Looking for ways to get the most from informal learning

in your training and development?

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