Performance Management

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Think about potential for a moment. It brings to mind all of the things that could be. Potential speaks of possibility and the promise of future success. If you keep your potential trapped in a box, how can you expect to reach new heights? At Growth Engineering, we want to help you to crack that box open and release your potential!

The new Performance Centre brings a whole suite of performance management tools to the world’s #1 Learning Management System. This Performance Centre unites talent with learning management to give your business the advantage and let you unleash the power hidden within your greatest asset – your people.

The Performance Centre

The Performance Centre is split into 5 areas that let you monitor key metrics like goal completion and role competencies. It also ensures that your people are recognised for their hard work and it provides a convenient and intuitive platform for managing appraisals and enabling continuous development.

Objectives & KPIs

Your people can use this functionality to clarify their professional goals and monitor their own progress. You can also add departmental and organisational objectives so that everyone can see how their contribution helps the whole business to succeed.

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Roles & Competencies

The Competencies area helps you gauge the potential value of your employees. Here, you can rate performance and leave comments and feedback to target any areas that might be in need of development.

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Values & Principles

The Values and Principles section of the Performance Centre lets you clarify the behaviours and attitudes that underpin your business and it helps your people gain the recognition they deserve for demonstrating them.

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With the Reviews tool, your review process is more structured, more streamlined and by taking the other metrics into account, it’s fairer and more transparent.

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Personal Growth Plan (PGP)

The Personal Growth Plan section contains learning content relevant to the individual’s professional development and contains all they need to close the gaps in their knowledge and make some real progress.

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