Gartner’s Gamification Predictions for 2020

Future of Gamification - Gartner's predictionsGartner, a world-leading information technology research and advisory company, previously claimed that by 2014, 80% of organisations will have gamified at least one area of their business.

As leaders in the battle against dull online learning, we’ve been utilising all the benefits of gamification in learning and development for a while now.

We think it’s crazy that while it’s supposedly becoming more widespread within organisations, they have yet to fully realise the positive impact gamification has on training development by utilising it on their Learning Management Systems and in training programmes.

So what is Gartner saying this year? Well, they say that by 2016, gamification will be the vital way that brands and retailers can leverage customer marketing and loyalty. But they also highlight the fact that organisations are still skeptical about the longevity and real efficacy of gamification as a tool to motivate and engage employees and customers.

In their Gamification 2020 report, Gartner predicts that gamification, combined with other emerging trends and technologies, will have a significant impact on:

It’s really interesting stuff, and their report is a great read. You can click here to read the rest of their research report, where they go into each section in detail. You just have to register with them to gain access.

Naturally, we’ve made a few predictions of our own! Check out the following articles to see what’s winging its way to a learning platform near you:

Do you want to join the hundreds of others who are pumping rocket fuel into their organisational and professional development with gamification and gamified learning platforms?

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