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How To Create Top Notch Mobile Learning Videos

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Can your compliance online training courses benefit from on-the-go demo videos and visually engaging online training tutorials? In this article, I’ll share 9 tips to create top notch mobile learning videos for compliance online training. 

Videos can enhance the entertainment value of your online training course and make the online training content easier to digest. Unfortunately, they aren’t the most mobile-friendly online training resources. Especially, bulky productions that aren’t optimized for the small screen or quick consumption. In fact, they can become a distraction for busy employees who need targeted information, minus the Hollywood effects. Here are 9 tips to produce amazing mobile learning videos for your compliance online training course.

1. Use A Responsive Design Tool And Video Player

Responsive design technology gives you the power to deploy mobile-friendly videos without producing multiple versions. The Learning Management System automatically optimizes the online training content for the user’s device. However, you should also ensure that your video player is responsive, so that learners receive the best possible viewing experience. Make sure that your responsive design software features a built-in previewer and editor. That way you can make minor adjustments before you upload the finished product to your Learning Management System.

2. Keep It Short And Sweet

Employees usually don’t have the time to watch a half hour compliance online training video on their smartphones or tablets. Thus, your mobile learning production should be short and to the point. Stick with a single objective or topic to avoid cognitive overload and improve employee engagement. They are more likely to watch the video in its entirety if it fits into their busy schedule and caters to their needs. Create separate mobile learning videos for each sub-topic or task when there’s more involved subject matter, such as company policies that must be explored individually.

3. Create An Eye-Catching Thumbnail

Employees should want to click on the mobile learning video just by looking at the thumbnail. It’s true, compliance online training is mandatory and employees are required to watch the videos. However, a well-chosen thumbnail has the power to intrigue corporate learners and boost their motivation. Thus, they get more from the experience. Try to use compelling images or graphics that prompt them take notice. The caveat is to avoid thumbnails that are too controversial. You want to entice employees to click on the mobile learning video, not make them feel uncomfortable.

4. Strike A Balance Between Loading Times And Playback Quality

The key to successful mobile learning compliance online training videos is compression. But not to the point that you sacrifice video playback quality. In fact, you need to find a balance between the two by tinkering with the settings. Ideally, the video should load quickly so that you don’t test employees’ patience. Likewise, it must be crystal clear on the small screen. Otherwise, it diminishes the value of your compliance online training course.

5. Include Links To Supplemental Resources

Mobile learning videos are a support tool that enhances the effectiveness of your compliance online training. Therefore, it’s wise to provide employees additional resources they can use to improve comprehension and explore related topics. For example, online guides that help them complete the task more efficiently. Include links to external online resources in the video description or create annotation that direct employees to tie-in online training activities such as scenarios or simulations that allow them to put the information into practice.

6. Incorporate Larger Visual Elements To Accommodate Smaller Screens

Keep in mind that smaller screens call for larger elements. Fonts and graphics that are ideally suited for laptop screens are miniaturized on mobile devices. Thus, employees are unable to get the information they need due to readability issues. You should also resize graphs or charts so that corporate learners can read the fine print. For example, the percentages in a pie chart.

7. Give Viewers Control Of The Audio Elements

Most employees don’t walk around the workplace wearing headphones. As such, you should give them complete control of the audio elements. That way they can mute the video when necessary and still get the information they require. Consider adding subtitles or captions to the mobile learning video to accommodate corporate learners with special needs and those who must mute the playback. For example, they’re in the middle of a meeting and need to refresh their compliance knowledge. As is the case with graphics and images, your subtitles should also be larger to make them more legible.

8. Lead Off With An Attention-Grabber

The first 5 seconds of your compliance online training video are crucial. Employees are dealing with a multitude of distractions when they access compliance online training content on their mobile devices. And you have to grab their attention before the distractions force them to click away or disengage. Here are a few ideas that you can use for your mobile learning video production:

  • Use a thought-provoking question that piques employees’ interest.
  • Sum up the top 5 benefits of watching the mobile learning video.
  • Emphasize the practical uses of the information they are about to learn.
  • A shocking compliance statistic that ties into the topic.
  • An animated intro that brings the subject matter to life and adds a touch of humor.

9. Test The Video On Different Devices

Watch the video on a variety of devices and browsers to see if it lives up to expectations. You can also choose a select group of corporate learners who use different devices. Then ask for their feedback. This gives you the opportunity to identify areas for improvement and ensure that every aspect of the design is mobile-friendly. For example, you may discover that the subtitles are too small on certain smartphones. Or the audio playback is distorted for tablet users.

Mobile learning videos make compliance online training convenient and quickly consumable. Employees can view demos, online training tutorials, and animated examples to enhance their understanding of the topic. Not to mention, apply the information in the workplace more effectively.

Does compliance online training elicit yawns and eye rolls? Would your employees rather work weekends than sit through another compliance manual read-through? Read the article 8 Secrets To Spark Excitement In Compliance Online Training to learn 8 top tips to get your employees enthusiastic about your next mandatory compliance online training course.

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