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ELearning Dosen't have to be boring!


Creating award-winning eLearning units that captivate learners and transform behavior is a challenging endeavor. Fortunately, we've refined our production process through years of experience to ensure success. We'll guide you through every step of the journey, starting with our Training Needs Analysis and detailed specification process. Then, we move forward to the storyboarding and content creation. Throughout our process, we maintain regular check-ins and multiple review stages, ensuring you have complete visibility of the progress and the quality of your content.


In response to evolving technological expectations, it's crucial to adapt. Whether your learners access content via a mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer, their training experiences must consistently excel. That's why all eLearning content produced by the Growth Engineering team is mobile responsive. This ensures your content not only looks remarkable but also performs well on every device.


Reinforcement is essential to prevent learners from forgetting their training quickly. Growth Engineering champions campaign-style learning, where we create meticulously structured campaigns. These campaigns deliver learning objectives in easily digestible, bite-sized chunks. Short, engaging, and readily accessible content is the key to engaging the modern learner. Throughout the production process, we offer abundant best practice advice to align your content perfectly with your target audience.


Growth Engineering is globally renowned as gamification experts. Our LMS holds the title of the world's #1 gamified learning management system. We've seamlessly integrated the captivating functionality of our LMS into our eLearning content, incorporating elements like XP, Badges, Leaderboards, and Wildcards. You even have the option to transform your learning content into a fully-fledged mobile game, unlocking endless possibilities.


The Discovery Method stands as Growth Engineering's proprietary learning methodology. It encourages learners to reflect on their experiences, actively driving their learning journey. Learner inputs can be later retrieved and incorporated into a downloadable workbook, providing an ideal means to personalize your content and effectively engage your learners!

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