How Technology is Changing the Way We Learn

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Technology learning book and mouseIt will come to no surprise to you when we say that technology is changing almost every aspect of our lives. From birth to death (and every fun dip, climb and twist on the rollercoaster of life in between), technology is making its mark.

Whether it’s the way we brush our teeth, navigate cities or read books, advances in computing, circuitry, robotics and the internet are affecting everything we do.

And – you may have guessed this already – it applies to learning, too! Nowadays, organisational training doesn’t have to remain firmly wedged in a seat in the classroom. It has been released from its confines and we can now learn anytime, anywhere and anyhow!

That’s because, when it comes to training, technology opens up so many opportunities. With online learning that utilisesInteractive tablet technology all this awesome new technology, learners are able to log on to their Learning Management System when they’re lying in bed on a rainy Sunday or on their lunch break during the week. They can take eLearning courses in their own time, at their own pace, and yet the training is so engaging that it is still effective.

In the past, organisational training may have involved months of planning, weeks of arranging venues and tutors, hours of poring over budget sheets and hundreds (of thousands) of pounds in lost sales. If you wanted to train up your best salespeople, you’d have to take them away from doing their job for the whole training programme – which is counterintuitive at best, and pretty silly at worst!

But now, you don’t need to drag your employees away from their jobs for week-long workshops or training days. Instead, they can do an hour’s work here and there, an assignment on a quiet day or during the weekend, and get a lot more done – all while continuing to push the company forward to ever greater success!

Not only is technology making it easier to access online learning, but it’s making it more fun, engaging and exciting, too.

For starters, advances in technology mean that now it’s possible to hook learning up with rewards like virtual badges and points. This makes learning more like a game – in fact, it’s a technique that’s called gamification, and we’ve found that gamification helps to get learners engaged and make learning fun!

Want to find out more about what advances in technology are doing for learning? Check out our white paper below!

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