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Hewlett-Packard (HP)

HP Uni App unlocked unprecedented user engagement and propelled learners to cybersecurity mastery. Now it’s your turn to engage! ⚡

Company Information:

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July, 1939



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Bill Hewlett & David Packard

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Palo Alto, California

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Computer hardware


Platform Goals

Technology and digitalisation

Cybersecurity Knowledge: HP needed to equip their sales force with the expertise necessary to confidently navigate their customers’ cybersecurity concerns.

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Social Community: They also set out to create a collaborative environment where their sales team could share insights, advice and best practice.

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Learner Engagement: Their new platform would need to drive active participation and knowledge retention through interactive learning experiences.

The Solution

To meet these needs, HP teamed up with Growth Engineering. Together, they created ‘HP Uni App’, the ultimate mobile application for organisational learning. This proved to be the perfect solution for HP’s busy salespeople. The platform offers the following features:

  • Badges, XP, Leaderboards
  • Streaks, Scorecards, Contests
  • Social Learning
  • Deep Customisation
  • Content Library
  • Mobile Learning
  • Reporting Suite
  • & Much More

The Approach

HP sought to improve their sales people’s cybersecurity knowledge through dynamic eLearning units, delivered through a gamified and social learning environment. The following features proved to be particularly effective:


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Contests: Learners can test their knowledge and playfully compete with others through player-vs-player quizzes.

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Badges & XP: Exploring the app environment unlocks a variety of rewards such as Badges and XP.

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Leaderboards: Collecting XP from contests and learning content helps learners to climb the app leaderboards.

Social Learning

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Social Feed: HP’s salespeople can share tips and best practice through discussion forums and social feeds.

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Live Chat: Real-time chat lets learners exchange cybersecurity knowledge seamlessly.

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Experts: Learners can tap into subject matter experts’ knowledge in the Experts Area of the platform.

For each key topic, a microlearning unit, social club and contest was created, empowering users to learn, apply and test their knowledge. Push notifications were used to encourage participation, supporting learners as they earned XP and climbed the leaderboards. 

The app’s elite learners were invited to take on ‘Black Battles’ — ultra-tough knowledge contests designed to push even the brightest minds to their limits. The top two champions emerged victorious, claiming exclusive rewards and recognition.

The Results

This championship structure gamified learning, turning knowledge retention into a thrilling competition that skyrocketed learner engagement. Check out the results (per month):
logins per user
microunits completed per user
contests completed per user

The HP Uni App’s success has led to its expansion, now supporting a broader audience and new initiatives like HP’s sustainability drive. 

Growth Engineering Learning App remains a key tool for HP, addressing their evolving learning needs and empowering their dynamic workforce.

"We’ve never seen engagement like it."
Sylvie Pecheur
Global Business Partner, HP

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