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GAME Retail

GAME Learning Zone led to an astounding 94.3% increase in average basket size. Check out the case study and get your head in the game!🥇
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Company Information:

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Parent Company:

Frasers Group

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Basingstoke, UK

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Platform Goals

Customer experience

Engagement: GAME needed a solution that would excite and delight their audience of passionate game-loving employees. Gamification was required.

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Social: In pursuit of a vibrant learning culture, GAME sought a social learning platform that could facilitate discussions and knowledge sharing.

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Customer Service: This new platform would need to elevate employees' customer service skills, to boost sales and improve GAME’s bottom line.

The Solution

In order to meet these needs, GAME teamed up with Growth Engineering. Together, they created ‘GAME Learning Zone’, the ultimate gamified learning management system. This was the perfect solution for GAME’s audience. The platform offers the following features:
  • Badges, XP, Leaderboards
  • Streaks, Scorecards, Battles
  • Social Learning
  • Deep Customisation
  • Content Library
  • Mobile Learning
  • Reporting Suite
  • & Much More
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“We’re GAME. Growth Engineering LMS was the best gamified LMS… We clicked straight away.”
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Craig Mills
GAME Learning Manager, GAME Retail

The Approach

GAME sought to improve their employees’ customer service and sales skills through dynamic eLearning units, delivered through a gamified and social learning environment. The following features proved to be particularly effective:


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Badges & XP: Exploring GAME Learning Zone unlocks Badges, XP and other compelling digital rewards.

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Leaderboards: Collecting XP helps learners to climb up the platform Leaderboards and claim bragging rights.

Customer Demands

Levels: Earning XP also leads to learners ‘levelling up’ and earning access to new sets of training content.

Social Learning

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Social Feed: GAME’s learners can communicate with one another through discussion forums and social feeds.

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Live Chat: Learners can also use instant messaging within the platform to facilitate effortless knowledge sharing.

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Experts: For tougher questions, learners can head to the ‘Experts Area’ to track down a subject matter expert.

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The Results

GAME Learning Zone emerged as an irresistible asset for learners at GAME. It went on to play a pivotal role in surpassing both learning objectives and organisational goals.

In the first three months post-launch, GAME’s 3,600 learners logged in more than 40,500 times. That’s more than 11x per learner!

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“I’ve been supported all the way by Growth Engineering. The platform continues to grow and is now spread across every area of our business.”
Craig Mills Profile Picture
Craig Mills
GAME Learning Manager, GAME Retail

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