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Caffè Nero: Learning Hub

Find out how Caffè Nero delivered a brewtiful multi-brand learning experience and generated 16,000+ eLearning views per month!

Company Information:

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Harris + Hoole

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London, UK




Caffè Nero is a leading hospitality brand in the UK, running 1,000+ coffee houses across eleven countries. Their 5,000+ staff focus on offering premium Italian coffee, a welcoming atmosphere, good food and great service.

In 2016, Caffè Nero acquired the coffee chain, Harris + Hoole. As a result, they required a learning management system that was flexible enough to cater for multiple brands, robust enough to support a global audience and engaging enough to make an impact.

Platform Goals

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Multi-Brand: Caffè Nero needed an extended-enterprise LMS that would be home to multiple brands and an expanding global audience of coffee professionals.

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Personalised Journeys: Regardless of their associated brand, each learner would require a level pathway personalised to meet their specific needs.

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Engaging: This new platform would need to actively engage learners to meet their learning objectives and help Caffè Nero to deliver business impact.

The Solution

In order to meet these needs, Caffè Nero teamed up with Growth Engineering. Together, they created ‘Caffè Nero Learning Hub’, a luxury enterprise learning system built from the Growth Engineering LMS framework.
The platform offers the following features:
  • Badges, XP, Leaderboards
  • Streaks, Scorecards, Battles
  • Social Learning
  • Deep Customisation
  • Content Library
  • Mobile Learning
  • Reporting Suite
  • & Much More
“The platform’s flexibility and the amazing customer service made a big project a huge success.”
Helen Rust Profile Picture
Helen Rust
Head of Training & Development, Caffè Nero

The Approach

Caffè Nero were able to empower their extended enterprise with a multi-channel learning solution, content controls, language settings and more. They then used game mechanics to supercharge engagement-levels throughout the platform.

Extended Enterprise

Multi-Brand: Each learner’s experience on the platform varies according to the brand they are affiliated with.

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Multi-Language: The platform offers multilingual support, catering to users across Europe.

Internal Marketing Journey: The Support icon

Content Groups: Content Groups regulate access, ensuring that each learner receives the appropriate permissions.


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Badges & XP: Interacting with Caffè Nero Learning Hub unlocks a variety of virtual rewards, including Badges and XP.

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Leaderboards: Earning XP allows learners to ascend the platform’s leaderboards and highlight their expertise.

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Levels: Accumulating XP also enables learners to ‘level up’ and unlock fresh training materials.

The Results

Caffè Nero Learning Hub successfully serves brands that operate in two very different markets. They are able to run their learning initiatives on the same platform, whilst fully expressing their brand identity.

The end result was an easy all-in-one solution for their admin team and a huge win for learner engagement. But don’t take it from us. Let’s let learners espresso themselves:

monthly logins
monthly eLearning views
monthly downloads

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