5 Stats proving the value of personalised learning

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Personalised Learning StatsWhen you have to deliver training to an entire organisation, it can be tempting to try to find some kind of one-size-fits-all solution. All too many systems end up using this approach, but if you don’t appeal to your learners on an individual basis, they’re going to check out.

So you start to think about how to personalise your training programme, and to make it speak more directly to the individuals. But this will be more difficult, and potentially more costly to implement. You need to be sure it will be worth your time, and your boss needs to be sure it will be worth the investment!

Personalisation is something which marketers have used for years to boost consumer engagement and increase sales. Unfortunately, the world of professional development has been slow to catch on. It’s time for more of us in the world of learning and development to make things personal and start reaping the same benefits!

We’ve gathered together a few killer stats which show off just how much of an impact personalisation can have, and which might convince any naysayers.

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Stat 1 – 77% of L&D professionals think personalised learning is vital to employee engagement

A survey of L&D professionals at last month’s Learning Technologies exhibition found that nearly four out of five can see a clear link between personalised learning and improved employee engagement.

As learning is tailored to suit the individual learner, they’re able to properly engage with it and the information within it is more likely to stick.


Stat 2 – 94% of businesses say personalisation is critical to their success

The vast majority of businesses have already caught on to the importance of personalisation, yet the same report shows that more than half aren’t personalising the web experience for their visitors.

The online experience can be a lonely one, as you type away into a machine and interact with faceless websites. That’s why personalisation can have such a massive impact online, even if it’s something as simple as a web page (or an LMS) saying ‘Welcome back, Erica!’.


Personalised Learning StatsStat 3 – 74% of consumers get frustrated when they receive content that has nothing to do with their interests

This is a fact which content marketers are very well aware of. If you give people content which they have no interest in, their first instinct will be to get upset and walk away from it.

Similarly, if you bombard all of your learners with the same content then a lot of it will be irrelevant to them. Though they might not be able to walk away from it like a consumer would, they certainly won’t be engaging with it, and so any value would be lost.


Stat(s) 4 – Personalised emails have 29% higher open rates, 41% higher click rates, and generate six times more revenue per email

Email marketers see far more success when they personalise their emails than when they send general ones out to everyone. They’re not simply baiting people into clicking through, they’re getting them engaged enough to make a purchase once they’re there.

Similarly, personalising communications to your learners is a great way to get them to login regularly to your LMS. They’ll also be more engaged once they’re there, and far more likely to make good use of the content!


Stat 5 – 61% of consumers feel more positively about a brand when marketing messages are personalised

Another lesson taught by marketers is that personalised messages actually lead consumers to like the brand more.

When launching your training programme, adding the personal touch to your initial communications can be a great way to make a fantastic first impression! Failing to do so can make your employees feel like nothing more than a number to your organisation, and can put a big dent in engagement.

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If you’re keen to know more about how to personalise your training programme, why not take a look at our Academy LMS? We’d be more than happy to show you all of the ways you can cater to the needs of each of your learners!

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