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Perfect Your Training Roll-out with these FIVE Simple Tips

Interaction design user experienceThink all the hard work is over once you’ve planned your online training programme? Nope! That’s the easy part – now you have to convince your employees to actually log on!

Luckily, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves that help make securing learner engagement a doddle. Here they are:

1. Make learning fun

If things aren’t enjoyable, what are the chances that we’ll make the effort to do them again and again? Your employees won’t fall in love with their new Learning Management System if it conspires to make learning boring, dreary and dull!

But if you make the effort to create a fun learning environment with exciting learning content, you’ll find your learners will be much happier, more productive and eager to take up the learning challenges you put in front of them.

To make learning more fun, you need to ‘gamify’ your online training program. Click here to find out how to use gamification in online learning!

2. Create a super support system

Getting technical helpBugs happen. Even Apple has to release software updates to solve problems – it’s no surprise that online learning companies need to squash bugs, too. But there’s an important thing to remember when companies are open about support, software updates and fixes – it means they care and take pride in their work!

If learners spot a bug on the Academy Learning Management System (that’s our LMS, by the way – the #1 Gamified LMS on the market!), it’s easy to submit a support ticket. They just have to fill in a few simple details like what page they’re on, what was meant to happen and what happened instead, and their ticket is zinged along the fibre to land in the LMS Admin’s ‘to-do’ list.

And you know how we say learning should be fun? Well, we think the Admins should have a good time too – that’s why we’ve gamified the Support Centre. Academy Admins can track how many support tickets have been submitted, who dealt with them and how many were passed on to the Growth Engineering development team. Whoever fixes the most bugs themselves reaches the top of the leaderboard!

And, of course, any more serious problems that crop up can be dealt with right away – we offer 24-hour support. We’ve got your back.

3. Get social

Stick men playing pictionary togetherAre you more likely to go to the cinema on your own, or with friends? Do you prefer solo holidays or do you like going with your loved ones? What’s more appealing to you: going to the pub alone or with a bunch of comrades?

Things are more fun when we do them together! Don’t forget to encourage your learners to interact with one another on their Learning Management System – that way, they’ll keep each other on track and their shared sense of purpose will supercharge engagement and motivation.

4. Beef up your reporting

To engage with their training, learners need to know how they’re doing. If they don’t know how they are progressing, whether they’re learning the topics fully and improving their knowledge, you can’t expect them to put their all into their online learning programme.

Therefore, in order for your training roll-out to be a success, you’ve got to report like a winner. Not only will the progress reports get your learners engaged with the training content, but it’ll please senior management no end to see the results of the roll-out straight away!

5. What’s in it for the learner?

People! Make surechampagne your learners know how their training programme is going to benefit them. It sounds simple, but knowing just what they’re going to get out of the training is very motivational.

  • Will your employees learn new skills? Tell them which!
  • Will they improve their progression prospects? Let them know!
  • Will they gain accredited qualifications? Give them information on the awarding body!

Whatever you do, don’t forget to make sure learners know how their hard work will pay off.

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Like What You're Reading? Join the Growth Squad!

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