Introducing Our New Comic: There’s Something About Genie!

something about genie coverBack in 2014 we created Night of the Learning Dead, a comic book (and later, video) centred around Rodger and his disastrous belief that choosing the cheapest legacy LMS on the market was a good idea.

For Rodger, things quickly turned from bad to worse: not only were his employees not engaged with their training, but they had turned into brain-hungry zombies! With zombie learners prowling the halls and trying to eat him, Rodger admitted his mistake – and the Fairy Godmother of online learning appeared to show him the right way to make online learning!

The Fairy Godmother showed Rodger that good Learning Management Systems need to be fun, social and collaborative; only then will learners really enjoy their training. With Fairy Godmother’s advice, Rodger’s employees were cured of the zombie learner virus and were soon enjoying the process of learning. Hurrah! Check out one page of the comic below:

Zombie comic smaller

Our Night of the Learning Dead comic book was such a hit that we put our pens to paper again. For 2015, we’ve created a new comic book: There’s Something About Genie! In this comic we meet Alan, an L&D manager, who is desperately in love with Jasmine from HR. He tries everything he can think of to woo her and win her heart, but nothing is working.

Meet Al and Jasmine. He loves her - she has no idea he exists...
Meet Al and Jasmine. He loves her – she has no idea he exists…

Suddenly Al has a lightbulb moment when he hears that the HR department requires a new piece of eLearning. “Aha!” Al thinks. “This is my chance to make Jasmine fall in love with me! I just need to create a really easy eLearning module for her…”

Does he succeed? Do zombies make a reappearance? What is that mysterious lamp that just appeared on Al’s desk? And just what will Al’s third wish be…?

To download our free There’s Something About Genie! comic and find out the answers to the above questions, click the button below!

There's something about Genie!

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