How does the Discovery Method improve your learning experience?

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Improve your online learning experience and improve the resultsA NEW APPROACH

eLearning gets a bad rep – often with good reason. It can be dull as ditch water. It is usually about as entertaining as filling out a tax return. For users, it’s often a task of Herculean proportions to even conjure up the energy and the motivation to approach their eLearning.

But as soon the loading bar fills up and reams of text monopolise the screen it becomes an insurmountable battle. It simply does not make for an effective learning environment and it’s usually a thoroughly miserable experience.

Here at Growth Engineering we wage war on dull eLearning.  Our mission is to inspire and delight students by sending them on a voyage of knowledge discovery. Our unique learning methodology has been designed to unlock learner engagement and take their career to the next level.

We want your learn­ing jour­ney to be as easy and reward­ing as possible. As the archenemy of lifeless learning we work towards chal­len­ging every pre-conceived notion of eLearn­ing to estab­lish a new and refresh­ing exper­i­ence for learners.


Successful learning does not rely on a specific location. Whether the learning experience takes place online or in the classroom is of little importance. What matters is the instructional design teaching methodology employed. With that in mind, there are 4 golden rules for good on or offline learning.

1 – Learning only happens when knowledge is applied. As such, delivering teaching will not result in learning.  It’s only by the individual situating that knowledge within personal contexts that information begins to stick.

2 – New concepts are learned when they build on the student’s existing knowledge, and when students are able to apply the new knowledge to a variety of situations.

3 – Learning of key concepts gets stronger when it is applied multiple times in differing scenarios. For instance, within case studies, scenarios, simulations and role plays.  We can take it further and add discussion and interaction to the list.  The more we apply information, the stronger the learning connection.

4 – To learn students need to be open and receptive to new knowledge.  To be receptive they need to feel confident.  Believing that learning is possible can often be essential to the learning process.  That’s why positive feedback throughout the learning process is vital.  It can give students the confidence they need to really push themselves.

These four learning principles are the building blocks for our unique learning methodology: The Discovery Method. We do not expect you to trawl through reams of text and memorise bucket loads of irrelevant information. We favour a more engaging and effective learning experience – one that will have you awaiting your next online learning session like the latest instalment of a best-selling block buster!


Getting better at your job requires more than the acquisition of knowledge. It involves changing your approach and fine-tuning your behaviour. Because you are a unique individual, your learning environment should be unique to you. The Discovery Method creates a personal learning environment that draws from your work-place experiences.

The learning puts you through a series of sales scenarios and asks you to make important decisions. By reflecting on the impact of these decisions and analysing the outcomes, you can determine which approach could have made the difference.

We are not here to tell you what right behaviour is – we want you to discover it for yourselves using your own experiences to light the way. As you move through interactive simulations and role-playing scenarios, we capture your work and package it nicely in a PDF document. Soon enough, you have created your own study guide that can be downloaded and printed out for future reference.

The Discovery Method encourages you to engage with your own development. This level of interactivity and self-involvement cannot be found in any other eLearning and is rarely found in the classroom environment. Our active learning approach makes for a quicker, more effective route towards self-improvement.

The Discovery Method is unlike anything else in the online learning world and most importantly, our users love it.

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