5 Steps to Career Development Success

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Businessmen clappingNone of us is truly immune to that ‘Monday morning feeling’; those times when the enjoyment of the weekend seems a distant memory and the next weekend feels lightyears away. It’s fine to suffer from the Monday blues to some extent – getting back into the swing of things after a weekend of debauchery relaxation can be tricky.

But the trouble comes when the same feeling crops up on other days of the week, too. Tuesday troubles and Wednesday woes can be a sign that you’re unhappy in your job. If this sounds familiar, you need to take charge of your career development. And if you’re a manager and fear that your employees are feeling like this, you need to act to get them back on the straight and narrow now, before they quit and move on to pastures new.

Of course, figuring out the reason for morose Mondays is the first step to pulling up your socks and sorting yourself out. Not all career blues stem from a dislike of your job or a desire to leave; in a lot of cases, it’s more to do with feeling trapped, having nowhere to go and no way to progress that causes our career confidence to crash.

Here are 5 steps to get you loving your job and experiencing magnificent Mondays once again:

Man leading other men1. Identify the problem

What’s behind your dissatisfaction? It’s not enough to say, “I’m not happy with my job.” What specifically is bothering you? Are you bored with not enough to do, or are you run ragged from 10-hour days? Is it the commute? Are you not feeling valued? Do you not have the level of responsibility you desire?

When you’ve identified the problem, you can work to fix it.

2. Figure out what you do want

Only when you know what you want can you put together a plan to get it. Short of changing industries and careers – like a nurse retraining to become an electrician – you can salvage your job and solve most areas of dissatisfaction.

Polka dot rocket shipLet’s imagine you dread every Monday (and Tuesday, and Wednesday…) because you’re fed up of painting the inside of a rocket ship when all you really want to do is paint the outside. You have so many bright ideas that you just know your bosses will adore – just imagine, a rocket ship zebra! A lion! A pink and green polka dot rocket ship!

So how can you make the move from painting the inside to designing the outside? Well, first you’ve got to prove you have the painting skills needed to do a really do a great job and create an eye-catching rocket ship.

3. Create a plan

Picasso style paintingSo, you need to prove you can paint like Picasso (or not…). It’s easy… if you can indeed paint like Picasso. But what if you recognise that your skills aren’t quite at that level – how can you improve?

Ding ding ding! The answer is in: you need training. Whether you undertake training on your own or request it from your organisation, it’s what you need to improve your skills and get you loving your job again. Create a step-by-step action plan that you can put in place to set you off on your learning journey to rocket ship stardom!

4. Do it!

Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today. You won’t advance to painting rocket ships if you don’t start your journey now. Once you have access to a world-leading online Learning Management System, don’t drag your heels; get learning and get painting! Just imagine there’s a clock counting down to launch… The time to act is now!

Rocket ship stripey5. Don’t stop

So you’ve done the eLearning unit, “Rocket Ships: Advanced Bodywork 101,” and aced it. You’re now armed with the skills and the proof to secure that promotion and start work on painting the outside of rocket ships. Hurrah! Now you’re looking forward to Mondays again. We call that a resounding success.

But wait: don’t hang up your eLearning hat just yet. There’s still more to learn. What about developments in the paint industry that will impact on your work? New paintwork trends? ‘In’ colours this season? If you don’t stay on top of your game, you’ll find your work slipping and you’ll soon find yourself dreading Mondays once again. The important thing to do here is keep learning. Just because you’ve done the eLearning unit doesn’t mean your learning journey is over! To keep ahead of the competition, you need to log on to your Learning Management System and carry on learning; your fellow rocket ship painters have a lot to teach you, and they can learn from you, too! These days it’s all about collaboration and knowledge share. Learning is social; don’t be a loner.

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