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4 Go-To Resources For Gamification

Gamification controller and heartsGamification plays an important role in the learning technology solutions that we create here at Growth Engineering.

We utilise gamification to make the process of learning more enjoyable, to engage learners, to improve motivation and increase knowledge. But we also recognise the importance of using gamification to make the process of content creation more enjoyable for eLearning developers, instructional designers and subject matter experts.

We’ve written about gamification a lot – how to use it, why it rocks, how to it makes your eLearning modules more fun and boosts engagement on your Learning Management System – but we thought we’d share with you 4 fab resources for gamification so you can continue your own learning journeys!

1. Gamification Co

This website is the leading source for gamification news and information. Lead by Gabe Zichermann, Gamification Co is a one-stop-shop for everything gamification, from insights, research and commentary to podcasts and events all centred around gamification and its applications. If you’re just getting into gamification, this is a great place to start. Check ‘em out on Twitter too.

2. Gamified UK

Andrzej Marczewski, web manager at Capgemini UK, is a self-confessed gamer through and through. In 2011, he became fascinated with gamification, which allowed him to merge his love of games with his developer mind – a match made in heaven!

Andrzej writes a lot about gaming mechanics, motivation and types of game players, and he has produced a great deck of ‘Inspiration Cards’. Don’t miss a post by subscribing to Gamified UK’s newsletter!

3. Karl Kapp

Karl is an author, professor, consultant and speaker whose tagline is ‘intelligently fusing learning, technology and business’ – and we couldn’t agree more! You might recognise Karl’s name from our GE TV section, where he spoke with Juliette about gamification; what it is, its applications within learning, and what the future holds. You can watch Karl’s video here but make sure you visit his website too (and check out the books he’s written!).

4. Gamification Nation

Gamification Nation specialises in creating gamification design solutions that will align with business objectives. They work with anyone, from large multinational corporations to forward-thinking SMEs. If you’re thinking of implementing gamification into your business strategy, check out their website or get in touch.

The brain child of An Coppens – an award-winning business coach, L&D professional and gamification expert – Gamification Nation’s usefulness doesn’t stop there: there is a plethora of information, opinion pieces and in-depth articles on gaming mechanics, solutions for HR, for L&D, recommendations and more.

An also posts on her own website, ancoppens.com, and has written numerous books on L&D and training.

Want to find out more about gamification? We’ve written a white paper on how it will help set your training and development programme soaring!

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Like What You're Reading? Join the Growth Squad!

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