12 Things That Will Send Your Motivation into Overdrive!

Get motivated for 2014!At this time of year it’s great to take stock of what you’ve accomplished over the months, how far you’ve come, what you’ve learnt and what you could have improved. But sometimes this can be a bit depressing! If you’re struggling to find the motivation to keep going, here are 12 awesome things that will kick-start your motivation and get you pumped and ready to tackle 2014 head on!

  1. This TED Talk by Dan Ariely: What makes us feel good about our work?

2. This article: The Motivational Power of Giving. It’s not only the employees that receive recognition that benefit from it – the managers and employers who give it feel fantastic, too!

3. Here are two books that will get you thinking about life in a more up-beat way and supercharge your motivation! Here’s the first: Life Entrepreneurs: Ordinary People Creating Extraordinary Lives by Christopher Gergen and Gregg Vanourek. And there’s the second: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change by Stephen Covey.

4. Motivational pictures are always great – they’re a lighthearted way to bring the fun back into life and get motivated at the same time! Here are our favourites:


no 5 Success-what-it-really-looks-like

no 9 DontWishForIt-WorkForIt

5. An article on The Joy of Giving!

6. This story about Gac Filipaj, a cleaner who graduated after 14 years’ part-time study – what an inspiring man!

7. Here’s a great motivational video from Josh Sundquist:

8. Here’s an infographic about why it’s so important to give employees recognition:

Recognition at work infographic

9. And here’s an article on why you should give recognition: The Power of Positive Employee Recognition!

10. Here is a very sweet little boy who has found a skill and is pursuing it!

11. Find out how your actions motivate and – gulp! – demotivate your employees: 5 Easy Ways to Motivate – And Demotivate – Employees.

12. And finally, here’s a TED Talk to inspire you to do something excellent for 30 days! We’d love to know what you choose to try – let us know!

Hope you enjoy these ideas! Let us know what you do to get motivated by Tweeting us (@growthengineer) or emailing

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