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LMS Integration

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You wouldn’t start a relationship with someone if you weren’t compatible with each other, so why would you choose a Learning Management System that doesn’t fit with your business? When you’re choosing a new LMS, one of your biggest questions might be whether or not you can take it home to meet the parents.

How much time will you spend on making your shiny new Learning Management System talk to the HR system? Will your learners have to sign on to a bunch of different systems? Our API makes LMS integration easy, saving you time, and helping you take your LMS implementation to the next level. With the Academy LMS, you don’t just get a learning platform – you get a loving and meaningful integrationship!

Our LMS Integrations

Our Academy LMS has been developed to connect with a number of popular business applications. Here are just a few examples:


And more…

Keep your learners connected with a Learning Management System that has been adapted to the way they interact. Our Academy LMS integrations make it compatible with most major social networks including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and more useful LMS integrations are expected in 2016.

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