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Our Academy Learning Management System is built to supercharge your online learning!

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The Academy LMS is the world’s #1 Gamified Social Learning Management System. If you are looking for a way to boost engagement and help your people become learning superheroes, then look no further!

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Academy LMS

Engage your learners with the world’s #1 Gamified Social Learning Management System.


Make your eLearning wishes come true with Genie, our game-based authoring tool!

Content Libraries

Give little extra boost to your training programme with our selection of eLearning libraries!

Custom content creation

Let our Instructional Designers create engaging online training that does exactly what you want it to!

Our Customers

 At Growth Engineering, we roll out the red carpet for all of our customers. Our Learning Technologies are changing the way companies approach their Learning and Development and bringing awesome online learning to all sectors from retail to construction.

Multi-Award Winning

We need a new trophy cabinet!

You can’t help being noticed if you have a company this awesome. Here at GEHQ, our mission is to shake up the landscape of Learning and Development and redefine employee training. For our efforts, we’ve been named 2016’s Learning Provider of the Year and collected an impressive bunch of awards and accolades from across the eLearning industry.

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Check out our blog and find out what’s happening on the front line of the war against dull online learning!

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Yoga is all the rage right now. Downward Facing Dog, Crow Pose and Handstand. Those are just some of restaurants I’ve been eating at recently thinking about how great it would be having increased flexibility. As we begin to realise...
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November 17, 2016

In this article, we’re going to share a few eLearning secrets that will steer your training programme back in the right direction!

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Why Can’t Education be More Entertaining?

November 16, 2016

I was so thrilled by the new series of Planet Earth on BBC and I thought, ‘why can’t all education be this entertaining?’. No reason – that’s why!

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