8 Tips For Creating a Proactive Knowledge Sharing Culture

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Creating a proactive knowledge sharing culture in the workplace is essential for every learning management programme.

This is because learners are the lifeblood of LMSs and mobile learning apps alike.

Without knowledge sharing and learner interaction, your platform would be as barren as London Zoo in the Winter, or the island of Palmerston

The benefits of a knowledge-sharing culture are plenty.


Once established, a knowledge-sharing culture will be a self-propelling process between colleagues. But it’s not always easy to get the ball rolling.

So what are the different ways in which you can proactively inaugurate a knowledge sharing culture? 

Firstly, What is a Knowledge Sharing Culture?


Check out what our very own Juliette has to say about the matter:


Final Word

It comes as no surprise that creating a proactive knowledge sharing culture is all down to the people. Your workforce is the lifeblood behind knowledge sharing, so you have to invest in them. 

Add a touch of personalisation to your knowledge sharing base. Create social clubs where communities can gather from across the world to share knowledge. Locate and encourage your top in-house experts and incentivise them to share their wisdom with us mere mortals! Offer intrinsic and extrinsic motivators in return for tips, advice and worldly work experience.  

Businesses are beginning to think about knowledge on the same terms of how they think about financial assets. Intellectual capital is kind of a big deal! Check out our awesome guide to intellectual capital here!

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