Your Guide To Intellectual Capital

It’s hard to put a value on your organisation’s pool of knowledge, experience and skills. But thanks to our new guidebook, ‘Your Guide to Intellectual Capital’, we do know one thing: knowledge is power.

You’ll learn:

  • What intellectual capital is and the advantages it brings
  • The relationship between intellectual capital and social learning
  • And how you can use ‘the knowledge economy’ to your benefit

To help you boost your organisation’s intellectual capital!

Your organisation’s financial capital fundamentally relies on your organisation’s intellectual capital. There isn’t a single business in the world that could function without the knowledge locked inside their employees.

Investing in your organisation’s intellectual capital is of vital importance. But where do you start?

What is intellectual capital and what advantages does it bring?

What difference does collective knowledge make? And how can we quantify something so intangible?

The relationship between intellectual capital and social learning

Five ways social learning can help grow intellectual capital within your business.

How can you use the ‘the knowledge economy’ to your benefit

The global network of brainpower is the knowledge economy. Find out how to harness it within your business.


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