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Boosting Employee Engagement In Online Training

employee engagement ideas

Are employees nodding off during compliance online presentations? Is boredom becoming an obstacle for corporate eLearning success? In this article, Christopher Pappas shares his top 9 employee engagement ideas for online learning.

Boredom is a force to be reckoned with. It has the power to distract employees from the key takeaways and rob them of the benefits your online training course provides. In the case of compliance online training, boredom may lead to citations, violations, and diminished productivity. So, how do you beat the boredom and enhance employee engagement? Here are 9 tips to get your staff actively involved during compliance online training.

Employee Engagement Ideas

1. Add Game Mechanics

Game mechanics, such as badges and leaderboards, provide an extra incentive. They are particularly useful for compliance online training, as they improve motivation and active participation. Employees earn rewards for completing online training activities, watching videos, or passing exams. They can also compete against their co-workers to reach the top of the leaderboard. However, the primary goal should not be to accrue badges or points. It should be to master the compliance knowledge. Incentives are merely a motivational tool to get employees excited about the online training process.

2. Create Microlearning Online Training Resources

Microlearning online training resources are quick and convenient. Employees are able to get the information they need and then get back to work. For example, they can watch a 2-minute online training tutorial to learn how to safely operate heavy machinery or clean up a hazardous spill. Microlearning online training resources are valuable “moment of need” support tools because they address specific performance issues or knowledge gaps. As such, employees are more likely to engage with the online training content because they know it will help them solve a problem. Bite-sized online training activities allow them to overcome challenges and achieve their goals rapidly.

3. Incorporate Online Training Simulations And Scenarios

millennials challengeOnline training simulations and scenarios feature real-world elements, such as challenges employees face in the workplace or on-the-job tools that they’ll use on a daily basis. These online training activities allow them to apply their skills and knowledge in order to build valuable work experience. They also have the opportunity to view the benefits and applications of their compliance online training. For example, how it will help to avoid workplace injury.

4. Use Infographics To Highlight Stats And Trends

Infographics combine images and text to provide a snapshot of the compliance topic. For example, the graphic explores statistics and facts related to the company’s history or important policy changes. They are an ideal addition to your “moment of need” online training repository, as they are easy to digest and appeal to diverse learning preferences. In addition, they simplify complex topics by breaking them down into visual components. For instance, a line graph makes it easier for employees to understand trends or patterns.

5. Produce Entertaining Online Training Videos

Instead of simply telling employees how they should perform a task or adhere to compliance standards, why not show them? Online training videos give you the power to demonstrate favorable behaviors so that employees can mimic them in the workplace. Add interesting characters, background music, and sound effects to create a truly engaging production. A variety of rapid eLearning authoring tools feature built-in assets, such as eLearning templates, images, and cut-out characters that you can use for your online training video.

6. Integrate Emotionally Compelling Images

Compelling images have the ability to eliminate distractions and grab employees’ attention. This is particularly true of images that have emotional significance. For example, photos that uplift or inspire your employees. The trick is choosing images that support the subject matter without distracting corporate learners. Controversial images make them take notice, but for all the wrong reasons. You must also consider employees’ cultural backgrounds so as to provide a personalized online training experience.

7. Host Live Webinars

Webinars and other live online training events happen in real time, which means that you can interact with employees directly and address their questions. This fuels engagement and gets staff members actively involved in the online training process. Invite guest speakers to share their own tips and ideas or encourage more experienced employees to step into the role. You should also create an outline for each webinar to ensure that you cover all the points and stay on topic. In addition, use a social media hashtag to promote employee participation. Employees have the ability to post comments and feedback directly in order to engage in online discussions.

8. Introduce A Memorable Online Training Course Guide

Create a memorable online training course guide that employees can easily relate to. Find an image that accurately portrays their personality and appearance. Then record an audio narration to give them a voice. These guides can point employees in the right direction, ask thought-provoking questions, and offer helpful tips. They even recommend additional compliance online training activities or modules to improve comprehension. Virtual online training course guides offer a broad range of benefits. The most important is that they add a human element to the compliance online training course. Employees have the opportunity to interact with a relatable online training character instead of a static text page.

9. Turn Boring Topics Into Intriguing Tales

Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to enhance employee engagement and prevent boredom, especially if the story contains an intriguing plot, characters, and challenges. Start with a basic outline that maps out every scene, or use an eLearning storyboard to take a more visual approach. Try to focus on one learning objective or goal for each story so as to improve knowledge retention. Last, but not least, add media to make it even more interactive and engaging.

These 9 employee engagement ideas give you the power to beat the boredom and enhance compliance online training. Employees get more from the online training experience when they’re emotionally invested and feel like they’re part of a supportive online learning community. You should also get your staff involved in the online training development process so that they have a sense of ownership.

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About Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas is founder of The eLearning Industry’s Network, which is the largest online community of professionals involved in the eLearning Industry. Christopher holds an MBA, and an MEd (Learning Design) from BGSU.

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