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Accredited training for your Employees: 5 Advantages

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When it comes to delivering training to your workforce, you have two options. You can adopt the typical, generic approach and spend time creating training programmes that will probably work, or you can roll out an accredited programme that you know will knock the socks off your learners.

And as we’ve partnered with The Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (the ISMM) and The Institute of Leadership and Management (the ILM), you can probably guess that we prefer the second approach! Here are 5 reasons why your training should be accredited:

1. Because they’re worth it 

Learners tend to value their training more if it’s accredited outside the organisation. It shows employees that their bosses are willing to invest more in their training. And it doesn’t matter if the accrediting body is known the world over or not. Whether it has a recognised brand name or not, there’s certainly something about this approach that wins hearts and minds.

For example, we rolled out ISMM training in Australia (where there’s limited brand recognition for this particular awarding body) and the inherent rigour of pursuing and completing a programme like this is sufficient to form the perception of higher value in the mind of the learner. In other words, even though they hadn’t heard of ISMM qualifications before, they were enthusiastic and engaged with their eLearning.2post illustration2

2. No half measures 

Accredited training must – due to its very nature – follow regulations, standards and frameworks associated with the topics. That means that training delivered through or from awarding bodies tends to be more comprehensive and cover subject areas more fully. So by taking an accredited course, not only are learners more invested and engaged, but they are gifted a thorough grounding on the subject that they might not receive from a different training approach.

3. Stamp of approval 

Accredited training programmes are approved by industry bodies which also validate the organisations that work in the field.

Accredited bodies draw up their curricula on the back of a considerable amount of consultation from subject matter experts and academics. So whilst the subject focuses may at times appear to be superfluous to requirements for some organisations, the impact that this broad knowledge has on individual behaviour and organisational culture cannot be matched by a home-grown training programme.

It’s pretty reassuring to know that your employees are being taught everything they need in order to keep up with industry standards.

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4. Green light for glory 

Research on the effect of accredited training programmes shows that those with a professional qualification typically earn 15% more than their unqualified co-workers. So not only are accredited programmes perfect for the organisation, but they’re great for individual employees too. Knowing that they are increasing their skills and likelihood of progression are extremely motivating.

5. The results speak for themselves

Our experience in rolling out accredited training programmes shows that they deliver, on average, a 30% increase in performance.

For example, when rolling out ISMM sales training content across Azlan through Tech Data Academy, proactive learners significantly out-performed those who had no access to the accredited content. One Tech Data salesperson even saw their sales growth rise by an average 678% across six different customer accounts following the training! Now if that’s not a reason to choose accredited training, we don’t know what is!

Want to find out more? Click the button below to find out more about an accredited training programme!

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