Instructional Design

Instructional design is the heart of any learning, whether on or off line, that's why we champion the Discovery Method and Empath Way
25 Jun

We specialise in making online learning fun, increasing engagement and producing results. How do we do this? By turning learning into a game! We learn better when we’re having fun. We dedicate more time to… [Read More]

29 Dec

By now, you’ve hopefully heard a fair amount about gamification, the application of gaming mechanics to non-gaming scenarios. We believe it’s the best way to get learners engaged with training content.

29 Dec

Let’s face it: the common perception of eLearning is that it’s about as exciting as filling out a tax return. Click through text; mix in a little audio, some video and a few tick-box quizzes.… [Read More]

15 Feb

Based on The Bartle Test (a game player classification system) eLearners can be divided into 4 types. The types relate to the Gamification of real world activities because they help to make sure you are making things… [Read More]