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How to Create Exceptional eLearning

It’s easy to create a pants piece of eLearning… but what goes into creating a really exceptional eLearning unit that will motivate, engage and delight learners? You may not realise it, but creating 1 hour’s worth of excellent eLearning content…

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How the User Experience Hierarchy of Needs informs eLearning

The user experience hierarchy of needs is a theory of learning you can use to get people loving their learning once again. The pyramid below explains that it’s not just what the learner is being taught that will affect their…

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What can Bloom’s Taxonomy tell us about online learning?

Bloom’s Taxonomy explains that there are different levels of learning, from in-depth ‘creating’ learning tasks, down to more basic ‘knowledge’-based approaches. Good Instructional Designers (clever clogs who write eLearning units) know that Bloom’s Taxonomy is the best way to create…

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