About Us

Welcome to GEHQ!

Our Origin Story

The learning superheroes are born…

Since 2004, we have been winning the fight against dull online learning. We saw that the world of business was lacking a way to engineer organisational growth – so, we decided to do something about it.

We didn’t just build a Learning Management System – we created the world’s first Engagement Engine – a development tool, with a constant focus on getting results, changing behaviours and creating learning superheroes!

In the last 10 years, we’ve come along in leaps and bounds, becoming pioneers in Gamified eLearning and creating an award-winning, chart-topping, ass-kicking social LMS that learners actually want to use.

Now, in 2016, we’ve added the Learning Provider of the Year to our list of accolades and we’ve also been included on City AM’s Leap 100 list!

Our Mission

Changing the world, one learner at a time







We believe that everyone should have access to training courses that help them develop, learn new skills and progress further in their careers and to do that, we’re making learning fun again! We’ve made it our mission to eradicate the dull online learning that is holding learners (and organizations) back from fulfilling their potential.

We believe that learning should be fun. Why? Because your brain is most active when you’re enjoying yourself and you’re more capable of absorbing (and later recalling) information. That’s why our learning technologies are designed to deliver irresistible learning experiences, create learning communities and blaze a trail towards real behavioural change.

GE Superpowers

Code Whispering

Our Tech Team can talk to computers in ways mere mortals can never understand. The Academy Tech Squad is made up of coding ninjas and digital demiurges, skilled in custom developments and integrations.

Pixel Power

We know that if you want to keep people engaged, everything has to look awesome. Our team of designers and artists work tirelessly creating branded learning platforms and custom training content.

Wish Granting

Nothing makes us happier than a happy customer! Dogged determination, lateral thinking and the persistent pursuit of perfection are the key qualities that define our customer excellence team!

Story Weaving

When it comes to the war on dull online learning, the pen is indeed mightier than the sword! Our word warriors help craft the epic meaning that gets learners pumped and excited about their training programmes.

game changing

Game Changing

Our gamification gurus are trained in the mysterious art of driving engagement with game mechanics. Taking mediocre content and turning it into irresistible learning games is all in a day’s work at GEHQ!

Did somebody call for a hero?