The Learning Theories & Models You Need To Know

Supercharge your organisation’s learning programmes with the use of enriching and transformative learning theories and models.

You’ll learn:

  • The 24 key theories and models you have to know
  • Why these theories and models are so important
  • And how you can apply these theories within an L&D context

To help you meet the needs of your learners and turn strategy into a reality!

No two learners are alike. Like with fingerprints, our brains are all unique. This is why there are a number of different ways we learn, leading to learning theories and models. In this guidebook, we use our experience and industry knowledge to help you use these models to build effective training experiences.

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24 key learning theories and models

When it comes to learning theories, these are the cream of the crop! Want to see what made our 'hot list'?

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Why are learning theories and models important

Researchers have spent countless hours trying to build a better understanding of how we learn. Understanding this process helps us design more effective training experiences.

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Tips on effectively applying these models in an L&D context

From Constructivism learning theory to the Hook Model, you have the power to meet the needs of every learner!

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